Secret Urges

I have secret urges after reading some of these incredibly borderline and often well over the line adult stories. Some of the stories in the taboo sections shouldn't but do leave my knickers sodden wet. I think I must be a terrible person to find myself being turned on by some of these stories, I am turning into an old lady pervert :-(
AliceLind AliceLind
51-55, F
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I don't see it that way at all. The mind is a marvelous thing and cannot help but respond in ways that are in preparing for the advancement of attention like that which causes the arrousal. After all, they are mostly stories and some do have truth to them, so if you're an old lady pervert then I would be your male counterpart. :-)

Hi Alice , I love older lady's that are a little perverted , all that experience You all have , message Me , and I can tell You some taboo stories in private , Matthew

I totally feel you there

Wet panties, my fav thing to *** on !

sexuality is very fluid and dynamic. Enjoy and at least acknowledge nothing to be shamed as far you do not hurt anyone.

Perhaps try my "stories" however, be warned, they''re true, not stories. Those are my likes and those of my wife and we really do indulge ourselves in all our kinks. We love it and, if someone else doesn't, well, that's their loss. We do it for US, not for THEM. Enjoy life and revel in your "kinks"

You sound FINE to me! Enjoy these stories and keep reading them. Sometimes we don't realize what we are missing until we read some of these stories and comments. I am right there with you.

Old lady perverts are good, why should old guys have a corner on the market?!!! :-) Besides, I think old lady perverts are sexy...

And, you're NOT that old, only as old as you think you are; sounds to me like you're just going through (2nd) puberty!

You're no pervert! Being honest about your thoughts is a good thing. It doesn't mean you'll act on all of them, but maybe you'll be open to certain things that might present themselves.

Everyone has secret sexual urges, most just arent brave enough to admit them? What are yours? Tell me your secrets and I'll tell you mine ;D

Oh my goodness, I don't think you are a pervert! I think you are coming alive, dear woman! It happened to me --- and this magical (!!!!) time in our lives when things are changing in our minds and bodies and .... I embraced it and I'll tell you I now LOVE that part of me. No more (subconsciously) hiding inside of my Catholic upbringing, I'm living and loving it --- even if that living is inside of my head ~~~

If you want to talk, contact me. I think this time in our lives might just be our most sexual and sensual, and I truly believe that we deserve to feel whatever we feel (as long as we are not a harm to ourselves or others of course) and act on it if appropriate, and love ourselves for it. Darn that we never or rarely had these feelings in the past!!

I'll tell you that the experiences I've had since this "awakening" happened to me about 3 years ago have been amazing -- and I feel more alive in some areas of my life (not just sexually) than I ever have. Free. Allowed to be me. It did help that I had someone who nurtured this part of me and helped me to know how normal I was...and that these thoughts or desires had perhaps always been there...

Cheers to this time in our lives. If not - well, I understand that too. If this bothers you too much and you don't want to feel these things, you know how to do that, I'm sure.... stop reading the posts, etc. BUT try not to discredit yourself as a perv (and I love being a bit of a perv! I'm proud of it!!) because of what your mind and body are enjoying. We were meant to enjoy live and all of it's pleasures, in my opinion, and too many of us never get that chance. Never get that "sodden wet knickers" feeling. Such a bummer!!!