Twisted Urge

My is son is 15, and has some male friends who are very very attractive young men. Whenever they come over I find myself dressing and acting more provocatively. I fantasize about them all sitting around, and I walk in just wearing a bikini or some lingerie. One thing leads to another which leads to me giving some lap dances, which then leads to something very naughty.
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7 Responses Jan 20, 2013

you'd be a dream come true, and there is no doubt all of them take care of themselves thinking of you


Life is for the living, hunny bunny!
Go 4 it!

so hot. If you were my wife I'd rent a limo for our boy's graduation for him and his friends and have you sitting in there dressed up sexy and waiting, the perfect graduation present for them ;)

That's the idea ;-). You'd have video tape it so you could bring it home to me and we could watch it while I ****** you on all fours. You ever think about a 3some with him and dad?

You're a really young MILF if your son's age is in the vicinity if 15!

I say go for it and give into those dreams.. I am sure it would do wonders for you adn all of them.

I'm 16 but I never get anything that cool