I Have Secret

sexual fantasy but because it is secret I can not tell you what it is.
I can not because I feel too ashamed to talk about it and I dont want anyone to know how crazy I am.
But I feel my urge and thinking about it and it make me want to touch myself
desireforpassion desireforpassion
22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Just imagine actually telling a complete stranger....

Don't be shy , I'm sure that a lot of the readers are curious to read your fantasies :)
I'm one of the them :) hahaha

Relax, everyone has a secret, enjoy!

Sweetie its ok, we all have secret urges. Things that we are afraid if anyone knew about they would be shocked. But there isnt anything wrong with these urges. Hell i've even acted on most of mine. So you arent alone on this. feel free to chat me up if u feel like u would like to talk. Since i've done a lot of taboo stuff I never judge.

Everyone has crazy sexual fantasies. That is normal but you have to let them out and tell somebody. EP is a great place to explore all of your desires and fantasies. I guarantee you there is a group on here for whatever it is you're into. If you don't share it here at least share it with your lover or someone. Holding it in sucks!