Sexual Dreams

Ok it all started last night as usual couldn't get to sleep **** was very hard I dreamnt of a young virgin pure in every way skin like velvet. She walked into my room standing their naked the moonlight reflecting off her body I was speechless she said hi and I replied she said you look surprised I replied damn sure I am my dream has never been so realistic before she smiled I could smell her perfume jasmine mmm so sexy she sat on my bed tight ***** that had never been ****** before I asked her name she replied I don't have one I'm just your dream girl. Your mind created me because you are so horny. She lay down beside me and she said do as you please with me so I started to examine her naked body with my hands feeling her breasts so purty and pure they felt like velvet nipples so hard and long. I continued to examine her reaching the lower part of her stomach getting to that sexy ***** area her ***** lips tight and pure her **** quivering at the side. I could feel two of my fingers entering her the walls of her ***** felt so warm nice and moist she said nothing. I climbed on top of her slideing my hard **** deep into her as I pushed my **** in and out I could feel her ***** gripping my **** then all of a sudden I exploded hot creamy *** just shot into her ***** like an uncontrolable jet. Then all of a sudden I remember falling asleep. When I woke up the following morning my sheets were hard with my *** wow what a powerful dream lol.
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Nov 24, 2013