I want to **** my step daughter so ******* bad. I can hardly stand to see her without thinking about it. Her personality is much like my wifes. She is taller though and kind of thin. She is 22 now ans oh so ******* hot. She always dresses like a tramp and a **** and has a dirty mouth and I know she dose alot of *******. I know I could **** her. I think she wants me to but its the one thing my wife has ask that I didnt go there. I'm not sure if I can hold out though and I think she wouldn't tell either but it would always be in my mind that she could.. I have seen her get ****** twice by boyfriends. She seems to like to stand and bend over with her hands on the edge of something or even the floor. Thouse long slinder legs.. oh how I want to **** her that way..
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2013

You need to talk with your wife and se if stepdaughter can't join you...

Don't do it, ultimately she just another piece of *****...is it worth it, losing your wife over her daughter *****?

You are a very wise and cool dude. Just wanted to throw some props your way!

id haveto try it couldnt help myself

i hear that i got a step daughter i want but i got to wait a few more years