Yes I so have them. For now they will remain secret...unless you care to talk me into sharing some.
The truth is sometimes I think my mind is so kinky that no one would understand.
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Can't be more kinky than mine. Would love to chat about it.


I doubt if your mind is more kinky than mine. At the right time and with the right person (or persons) I would try just about anything, except the scatological.

Oooo I think I could put your mind to the test ;)

We all have secret sexual urges. You are an individual and have individual needs and urges. I have several secret sexual urges too. At first I was afraid to tell a girl about my urges but now I know we all have them and they make me special.

I think we all have Secret urges

oh trust me there is someone here that is just as kinky or wants to be.. I am a freak you should message me and share