I have a fantasy about having sex with another man but not sure I can actually go through with it.
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why not, are you ashamed you will enjoyed it too much?

Another man? Aren't you. A woman?

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I guess it depends on the kind of person you are. If you are married it would be best if your husband was open and approved of your venture. If not it could get rather complicated. You could meet some friends on here and then go to skype or yahoo and see what transpires.

If you are not 100 percent positive towards this experience you should put it out of your mind. Once the deed is done it is done for life, you can't take it back and the guilt will eat at you if there is going to be guilt. Right now a good hard c#ck may be what you need but make sure it is the right one.

My wife and I talked about this same thing. She with another man, and me with another woman. We even started setting things up. When it came down to the final possibilities neither one of us could go through with it. I didn't want to inject the possibility of someone coming between us and I definitely didn't like the feeling of cheating on her. So for us it remained a fantasy. And I'm glad we kept it that way right up to the time she passed away. Believe in and follow your heart.

If you are thinking about it talk about it with your mate. You may just get so excited talking about what you will do with each other that it could get you moving!
Have fun!

After 40 years, it is a rather slow warm-up. You should do what your heart & head truly desire. We're not here that long & need to capture whatever experiences and pleasures that we can, while we can. It is only sex; that is, you still can love your husband and maintain a life with him...
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I absolutely agree!

do it as a couple and it should go well. you can explain to the extra guy that you may not go thru with it but are willing to try. there is always mutual ************ which is fun.

I'm in the same boat. I desperately want to have sex with someone I met here, but am afraid I'll chicken out. She's such a wonderful, sexy, sweet woman and I want her so badly... the last thing I want is to lead her on and not go through with it.

Yes you can. With Me.

Baby I want to **** you

Yes you could

yes you can

it seems you both want this, so I guess I don't understand why you aren't out with other men

Go for it if you trust your hubby You can drink to take the edge off

I'd say go out to a club (with your husband as back up), flirt, dance, slow dance. If you are comfortable, maybe a little kissing. Then go home alone (with husband). See how that felt, how husband felt about seeing you flirt with someone else. Talk about it, have a great night of sex with your husband, then see how you feel in the morning.

Plan a signal to let your husband know you are uncomfortable and he can interject and be the jealous husband finding his wife out and take you home safely.

You can go as far as you want, perhaps just making out and some heavy petting and if you want to go all the way then go for it. A little strange may be good for you and turn you on so much you'll crave it from time to time like my wife does. The problem we have is finding the right guy, so take you time and choose wisely if you decide to give it a try but don't give up because you find an ******* he first time. Good luck and keep us posted. :-)

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If the two of you are happy with that and your careful then give it a go butt only if that's what you both want

As in two guys at the same time?

Yes, but I have never acted on it just yet. My husband wants to share me but I'm not sure I can go through with it as I was a virgin when I met my husband and have always been faithful.

I can't say I'm down with that. No way I'd want to share my woman with any man.