it sees like every guy i see in his undies i just want to drop to my knees and just start suc-ing away!
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4 Responses Nov 6, 2015

That could be a lot of sucking !

That is exactly what we like, a lot of sucking!!! Sign me up, call me, use me and *** in my mouth --PLEASE!

Suck me all you want then.

Of course, because they are absolutely delicious and there is nothing in this world like a beautiful **** in one's mouth!

don't forget the gift at the end!

*** is honey from the god being worshipped and his magical wand!

I don't care about the undies, I want to suck or get ****** by every guy I see.

I just want to reach in and feel the hardness under the white cotton...its to hot

pt my lips over the undies to feel the shape of his head under them.

That's hot...if I see a guy interested I will start opening my jeans one button at a time

you flirting with me