I use sex as an outlet for everything....so when I'm upset or hurting...I seriously feel like I NEED to be degraded and abused...
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8 Responses Nov 19, 2015

Meee like your selfie. Now let me satisfy your secret urges. I'll hug and kiss you and use your body as I wish to fill you full! Message me back.

If you want to be degraded and humiliated come and chat to me. You must stand with your skirt pulled up and your panties by your ankles and your shirt open with your hands on your head.

message me and I will degrade abuse and use you for sex

You seek congruence between your inner reality and your body. An experienced Dom can help with this.

Just need to have your brains ****** out really good to give you uncontrollable ******* thatll make your eyes rolled back

yes I do xD

you and me both, sister

I can do some of that verbally, but you might need professional help