I was out for a walk/jog this morning and a truck driver blew his horn and waved. It crossed my mind to see if he would stop and pay me for sex. I've never been a prostitute but the thought intrigues me...
Oh the could of, would of, should of, of life :(
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I've heard from lady friends that I've known for years and who I can discuss subjects like this... and will admit to it... that most women at certain points in their lives have had that thought cross their minds. Not that they would. It's more of an ego thing to confirm their desirability. And at a certain age... to see if they've still got it. Nothing wrong with that. It's a human thing.

funny enough I've had the same thought but many men have offered me money. ..never went through with it. Too scared. : (

let's see what you have to offer and we can see wha you might be offered maybe thwork to get you bave enough! lol

I'm very a very thin woman. About 5'6 100lbs 32b breasts 25 waist 33in bottom. And so far I've been offered $500 cash just to consider being a mistress with compensation for school. I've been offered $2000 for the night. I've been approached by several pimps. I guess wall street area is big on sex work and I have prostitute face.

wow, you sound wonderful, and offered $2k, wonderful, so you are in NY? I would love to see what you look like, then I can fantasize seeing you when I am in ny! please add me

where are you from?

yes I'm from ny

I don't feel like I'm that appealing just have ***** face. ..I guess. ..lol

what is a ***** face? I am from NJ

something that attracts men over 40..lol

I'm to easy to wait for money to be offered lol!

A ***** face.... That's interesting

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What a wild idea. I fantasize going out to get the morning newspaper naked.