Here Goes... I'm a 30 year old virgin who's never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy before. Come to think of it, I've never held hands with a guy other than a hand shake. The truth is that I think about sex a lot and get really aroused sometimes. I contemplate giving up on my morality of waiting until marraige (although I have never wanted to get married) because I may be dying soon. I have always wanted to die a virgin, but I can't help wondering what it would feel like to be pleasured by another person.
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8 Responses Mar 31, 2016

If you ever would succumb to your idealism you would wish you had the pleasure of life early on.

Have you purposefully rejected men? It's hard for me to believe that no man has ever made an advance to you.

I totally feel your pain! I hope you are able to contemplate another happiness somewhere.

Aww that would be sad if you died! :( You seem like someone worth getting to know perhaps! ;) Marriage isn't and shouldn't be the official means of expressing your affinity and love for someone else. Marriage would be if you wanted kids, etc.

Would love to chat about what turns you on and maybe chat you to ******

I don't believe in regrets, I think you should experience the pleasures that you can receive from the touch of another. After all, if you never plan to get married what are you really saving it for?

We could remedy that situation, if you would like? l am a good teacher !

A good person can please you to no end and still leave you be a virgin.