She lies back, allows her body to relax. If you look closely you can see she's been crying. You can tract the angles of her face, the curve of her cheeks, the swell of her lips, the line that starts at the base of her ear lobe down her neck. Her dark hair flows down her pale skin dusting the peaks of her breast. She exhales, and her ribs protrude pulling at the skin that holds her together. His eyes examine her, he watches her sink into relaxation, her hands resting on her hips, then slowly running down her thighs until they gently rest beside her still body. He slowly approaches her and brushes the hair away from her swollen eyes - and places his finger gently against her bottom lip - slowly parting her lips. Her lips parted, she remembers to breathe and inhales until she can feel her lungs tight. "Tell me what you have done.." he says Exhale, she is too weak to move, and too exhausted to feel embarrassment of her nudity. She is too tired to stop the tears from escaping her eyes, and her heart is too broken to keep her secrets inside.
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Two thumbs up :)

Funny - maybe even tragic - how we all desire to know the secrets - the truth.<br />
<br />
Then in an instant it is here, changin our knowledge, morphin our world, reshapin the relationship we share together.<br />
<br />
When the bond is strong, truth strengthens a relationship. But truth can jus as easily destroy a weak relationship.<br />
<br />
How do we tell whether a relationship is strong enough to weather the truth? There is only one way really - jus one test. For the secrets to be shared ... for the bond to be tested. <br />
<br />
Like Isshe ... I hope your relationship weathered the truth. It isn' allays easy.

makes me think of all the times when I have lay in bed crying with my husband waiting for me to open up...it takes such a long time from the first tear to the last words of confiding on nights like these....I hope you were able to resolve whatever it was that you needed to tell him...

... so may paths the mind could wander with this....

great one =))