My Sister

I won't say her name but she's my sister. she is a drug addict.  i have not seen her in 4 years, and before that is was rare, once when she was pregnant, then in court when she was fighting for custody for her child. then once four years ago when she had her other child. she is thin and pale 5'7 maybe 100 pounds, stringy hair, worn and unfitted clothes.  at one point my heart was breaking at the thought of her, powerless to do anything. my cop out, i am married,, i have a daughter and the one time i picked her up from jail i promised my self that my daughter would not be a part of or know this type of life- so with that i pushed it down down into my soul. 

so since then she is only a thought, a prayer, a cry out to God, a wound that will not heal. i hope one day she is able to get clean and stay clean, she is my sister and i love her.

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2 Responses Sep 27, 2009

Another birthday goes by; I miss you my sister

thats sad.really sad.i hope you r sister gets better!