In Flight and It Was Cool

I saw five one day when I went looking for them.  There where circling and more or less showing off.  It was very cool and I have never seen them in flight, just an injured bird at the zoo or something like that.

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I have seen bald eagles several times and they are breath taking.

they have them here but i see hawks alot more!

It seems to be their season here. I saw one about two weeks ago fly over my car while driving down the highway. I've kept my eyes peeled for more -- especially while deep in the woods that border the river. There are some towering white pines that seem to be perfect vantage points for eagles hunting.<br />
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They are magnificent, and each sighting feels as fresh the first.

Only ever saw a brown eagle at an animal rescue center before, the wing span was incredible! Took me by complete surprise. It was sitting in a huge chicken wired containment area, when all of a sudden it opened it's wings and took a short flight. Would love to see bald eagles, can't imagine what they would look like in the wild, have only seen them in pictures. You are a lucky guy!