In Idaho

Where I grew up there is a wild bird preserve out in a place called Mud Lake.

Bald, Golden Eagles




A ton of birds that were in great numbers.

Fun to watch.

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We have a place where you can walk and see the birds it is fun and the aniamals there . it is fun.<br />
it helps to you walk better<br />
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My entire family goes to a hydroelectric power plant about 30 minutes from home where bald eagles to in the winter. They come from Canada when it gets too cold for them to fish, because the constantly moving water at the power plant doesn't allow the water to freeze. We have seen as many as 9 in one day, and this is in CT. My son and I also spotted a bald eagle circling overead on a sunny fall day in New Hampshire. We just sat back looking out my sunroom and watched that incredibly beautiful creature circling in the sky above us. That was truly a miracle to me.