The First Time!

The first time I ever saw one in person was when I was coming home from my brother funeral!  He died in a skiing accident 13 years ago.  We were just crossing the river from Illinois to Missouri heading back to the airport.  Sitting on large chunks of broken ice were 3 bald eagles!  When was circling and swooped down and caught a fish!  I was so amazed!  It made me realize what Dean had always said about being outdoors and doing the things he wanted to do!  He was a free spirit and loved to live life on the edge!  I still wish I had a little bit of that spirit in me! 

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4 Responses Mar 22, 2009 made me cry! However...I do agree with that!

His death was showing you spirit thru the eagles....

I think in ways I am trying to recapture it! I just hope I can find it !

It can be recaptured you know, if that spirit was there before it can be again.