I Thought I Was Attacked

          On a beautiful august evening at about 730, the sky was deep blue with many lacy cirrus clouds. I was starring directly up at the sky and saw a huge red glow with a black soot like tail that in the direction the object was moving, appeared to be moving right into the down town city. For a brief second I thought a missle was crashing from another country that will meet our doom. The black tail extended across the entire sky. The object was so bright it even shined brightly through the cirrus cloud layer. If this would have happened at night, its light would have been many times brighter than the moon. You would probably dawn will be arriving. Strangely I heard no noise or boom with this meteor, just a creepy silence as it moves. This was the only time I saw a object so bright and big. Luckily I heard no reports of debris falling from the sky.  

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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010


one day you will see one if you keep looking up

wow! what an experience!

Its been very scary to look at and very beautiful at the same time.

wow..I've never seen one!