Think I Have Seen A Demon

Ok so one day me and a bunch of friends go camping on some random field near a small wood everything starts of ok and then after we had set up our tents we hear some sort of a load growl that sound unlike anything i have heard before i go take a look near the wood to see what it was and after a short while see nothing and think nothing of it then later on when it got dark me and a friend were just taking a small walk outside to check everything is ok when we see a red light coming from a bush and a small fire like glow so we go to take a look and it vanished and we found no trace of any fire where we saw the glow so we decided to take a look near the wood just to check. So we get to a part of the field which had tall grass and my friend thinks he sees something so i looked and sure enough there was something there it was some kind of weird dog i thought at first but then it saw us and began running towards us out of the grass when i find out it had huge boney arms that are covered in pitch black fur and blood then it got closer and it was on all fours and could have been about 12 foot if it was standing up so we run back to the camp shouting for the rest of our friends and then this thing gets on two legs and jumps at us its only when we get over a small fence that it stops and jumps over then we got to camp and it stopped just outside so we flash a light at it to see what it was and it looked like some kind of a wolf that was huge with large arms and red eyes then it randomly vanished so after a night of sitting out making sure it did not come back me and my friend take a walk to where we saw it and see a large paw print in the ground  then it got scary because the next time we went camping we decided to go to the same place and sure enough we hear the same growl and later on see red eyes again. 

anybody know what it could be its freaked me out and all i know is it was nothing like a dog or a wolf in the way it acted and was too big too be anything of a similar size it had pitch black fur red eyes and was about 12 foot tall and randomly vanished in front of us and we went camping where the biggest animal around is probably rabbit
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Yes my fiend, I seen a demon show on my brothers face as I got him off the floor near dead from drinking 3 5ths of hard alcohol. Him and I have been very close to GOD and have had real experiences with the Holyspirit in POWER. These demons are real. I have had the Holy Spirit in power in me to where I coulnt watch TV listen to rock and roll anymore or hang out with my past friends it was a profound experience and so everytime I backslide or my brother backslides it gets real spiritual ATTACKS. This stuff is very real. Get online and look at angelica zambrano. She is a young girl filled with the holy spirit in POWER and fasts all the time. The Lord took her in the spirit to heaven and HELL and showed her everything and the enemey and demons and told her what they are doing. these revelations are to you and for you and it will explain EVERYTHING!!!!

What I will say will sound unusual and a bit loopy however I know what you saw. The person that commented on hell hounds are not far off ba<x>se. There are damned soals wondering the Earth. THey have went by many names through out history and if you look into it close enough you will find most traces are brief or hidden in stories and legends. However thease creatures are far from being stories. They are hunters by nature and you and your friends should feel lucky it dod not come for you. Although it is not a hell hound you saw it is a evil presence I have met up with a time or to in my travells. My best advise is not to advertise this to anyone and unless you are ready to open up doors you are not ready for, don't seek anwsers and let this become a story you can tell your friends and children for years to come. Thease damned soals are not ones to be kind if they know they have been found or seeked! If you encounter them again do not run it will make it worse as you may have caught on to. Most of the time if they are not there for you then they will leave only giveing you a scare.

Is that the best response you have CanisMagnus? Doubt? Apparently this person has had a bad experience. Anyway, I'd like to respond to the writer. I think you saw a hellhound. They usually are here for a purpose, but sometimes they roam the earth for no reason. Many truckers have seen hellhounds (they call them blackdogs). When I was a kid, I saw one in my closet. I had a closet that had no door and one night I looked over and saw two red eyes watching me. I told my mother and she told me to pray out loud if I ever saw it again. I did what she said and it never came back. I appreciated your story and I believe what you wrote. Thanks for sharing.

If I saw a twelve foot tall demon with glowing red eyes, would I go camping in the same spot again? NO! Come on, you can do better than that.