Atheist To Christian In 24 Hours

Well, my initial experience began July 15th, 2002.  I have never told anyone other than a few friends and family.  Lately I have been starting to notice spiritual connections I have with other people, and it would be nice to finally know if anyone has seen this, or if the demonic experience is different for each individual.

I was 18 at the time, and I was a night shift supervisor at a local restaurant that I had been with for 4 years.  It was a monday night.  I was still living at home with my Mother and sister.  I got off of work that night and got home at about 10pm.  Over the weekend, my boyfriend at the time and I rented the mothman prophecies from blockbuster.  The movie really wasn't scary to me at the time.  I wanted to watch it one more time before I returned it the next day.  My mother was out of town in California (we live in Tennessee), and my sister was asleep upstairs.  I put in the movie at about 10:15, turned out the light in the living room and layed down on the couch to watch it.  After that I blacked out.  I awoke with an extremely panicky feeling at 11:00pm and the movie (VHS) had already ended and the tv screen was black.  I looked into my mother's office (which had a windowed door with a sheer curtain behind it so people wouldn't see my sister's band instrument mess), and all of the sudden my chest felt like it was filled with something very thick and heavy and a red light began to glow from behind the office door.  It was a blood red pulsating glow.  I blacked out again.  I awoke at 12am with the same sense of panic and dread, but this time paralyzed and I could hear very very raspy breathing behind my ear.  I wanted to scream, but I couldn't move and I remember staring at my cell phone on the coffee table just praying that eventually I would be able to grab it to call my sister (upstairs).  It felt like I was forced to listen to this breathing forever, but it may have only been a few minutes.  I looked to the right of me towards the back porch.  There are two french doors leading to the back porch with lots of windows.  This is when I saw a gray figure.  It looked to only be about 4 ft. tall.  It began moving very very rapidly back and forth.  The only details I could make out were its size, shape, and color.  It was the color of a dark fog, only opaque.  It moved way too fast back and forth to be a person.  I really didn't try to analyze it at that moment, it just felt like I was being forced to watch.  I still could not move my body. 
  Once again I blacked out.  I awoke at 2am.  And when I say awaken, I mean it was like how you wake up from anesthesia.  Not like you had a nice nap or anything.  It was as if I blinked and 2 hours were gone.  I was beginning to regain some movement in my hands and feet.  I sat there and thought of who to call.  All the while this thing on the back porch was still going back and forth as if it were agitated for some reason.  The red light and the breathing were now gone.  I kept an eye on the porch and I noticed something very large slowly approach the window/door.  It was also gray, but much thinner.  I didn't quite comprehend its size until it put its face (or whatever it was) in the window.  It had to crouch down to do this (the way you would crouch down to get eye-level with a child), and it just looked at me.  This was the most frightening part.  I couldn't turn away, and its face will always remain vivid in my mind.  I noticed it did not have eyes, or ears, hair, or a nose.  No distinguishable features.  Just two large oval shaped holes where the eyes should be, and a very large hole where the mouth should be.  The little once was still pacing, although it had slowed to an almost human pace.  Then the tall thing looked like it was screaming at me through the window.  I couldn't hear anything, it just looked angry and its mouth had grown very wide.  At this point I could not take another black out.  I felt as though time was slipping from me, and I was losing control over my own body.  I reached for the phone and called my friend Katie.  (My sister and I didn't get along very well at the time).  Katie was out at a party that night.  I remember sobbing and asking her to come to my house "now!"  She asked me what was going on, but I hadn't really figured that out yet either.  I did at least feel at that moment that there was nothing else in the house now, just the porch.  So as I waited for Katie to arrive, I felt a little better that she would be coming.  The two things on the back porch were still doing the same thing.  As time went on, they seemed to continue whatever it was that they were doing. 

Well, I guess I lost another 30 min in my last black out.  It was now 3am and Katie had not yet arrived.  So I figured it was time to call my sister.  She answered and immediately ran down stairs when she heard me cry.  Without even thinking, she went to the cable box and turned the tv on praise-worship music.  She turned on all the lights and sat next to me on the couch.  I felt like a car had been pulled off of me.  She asked me what had happened and I told her.  Repeating it out loud make me sob uncontrollably.  She didn't say anything, she just went and grabbed her Bible out of her bookbag.  I could still see these two things on the porch, but by then I had almost gotten used to it, although terrifying everytime I looked at the tall one directly.  My sister told me to stop looking.  She went directly over to the french doors and opened up her Bible and began shouting loudly (i can't remember if it was a verse or chant) at the two things.  In the middle of this my friend Katie showed up, and quickly realized she should just sit down and wait.  My sister continued to shout in an angry voice at the door.  They were both pacing now.  Every now and then the tall one would peer his head down and look at me furiously.  The little one began to move faster and faster.  She did this for at least half an hour.  She ask me if they had left, and I told her I did not see the little one anymore.  She suggested we all pray together out loud.  She did the out loud part.  I don't remember seeing the tall one after that.  Anyway, it was 4am, we filled Katie in on what happened, and it just so happened we were cat sitting for our neighbor across the street.  I wanted to sleep desperately, so we all went there and tried to get in a few hours. 

The next day I had a very hard time dealing with what happened.  I didn't know if I was crazy.  I was extremely jumpy.  A door bumped me while I was getting ready for work and I screamed bloody murder.  I had to sit on the bathroom floor for 10 min to calm myself down.  I went to work at 3pm.  I felt like a zombie just operating on autopilot.  I could not pay attention to anything.  I was just beginning to absorb it all.  I almost began crying again when I thought about it, so I asked the Owner if I could please leave and come back tomorrow.  It was no problem.  I called my sister and picked her up and we headed straight for her church.  Now I was pissed off about the whole thing, and wanted some answers.  I met with a very tiny woman (one of the youth pastors there) who my sister said was best to help with this.  She was about 4'10" and couldn't have weighed more than 105 lbs, but I got this feeling around her like she had a connection with something bigger than this world.  She answered alot of immediate questions in my head without me asking.  I then went to confess my sins for the first time ever, which took 4 hours.  My sister prayed over the room we were in the entire time and said nothing.  The one thing me and my sister will never forget about that confession was in the middle of it my youth pastor looked up at both of us and said, "There's been a murder in your family, and it has caused great fear in your home."  I didn't know what to say except "yes".  My mother's mother was brutally murdered almost 30 years ago, like something you see in a horror film.  we still don't know why.  Anyway, that night I was convinced of a spiritual realm and professed my faith in Jesus.  The next day my mother arrived.   We told her what happend, and when we told her the thing about the murder comment, my mom broke into tears and ran out the front door.  She came back 4 hours later as a Believer in Christ.  This was the beginning of some good times in our lives.  But I guess I was naive enough to think that I would never deal with those demon things again.  I will post that story after this one.  What happened after this lasted about 7 years, or up until this past summer of 2010.

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Yes my fiend, I seen a demon show on my brothers face as I got him off the floor near dead from drinking 3 5ths of hard alcohol. Him and I have been very close to GOD and have had real experiences with the Holyspirit in POWER. These demons are real. I have had the Holy Spirit in power in me to where I coulnt watch TV listen to rock and roll anymore or hang out with my past friends it was a profound experience and so everytime I backslide or my brother backslides it gets real spiritual ATTACKS. This stuff is very real. Get online and look at angelica zambrano. She is a young girl filled with the holy spirit in POWER and fasts all the time. The Lord took her in the spirit to heaven and HELL and showed her everything and the enemey and demons and told her what they are doing. these revelations are to you and for you and it will explain EVERYTHING!!!!

I'm from Singapore. The short gray figure was also seen by a good friend of mine. He called it a goblin. It was smokey gray, opaque, and its two eyes that were transparent (he could see the background) like a cut out doll. It was also fat or wide looking, and when it turned 90 degree away from him it was actually as flat as a cardboard or paper. He saw this stubby goblin in a tunnel for pedestrian crossing one night. It was moving towards him from the far end of the tunnel. It was levitating and it did not walk like all mammals or human do. It turned to its right and headed into a wall of the tunnel. As my friend approached closer to that thing, he saw a patch of dirt or smokey looking appearance which it has the shape of that same goblin. It stayed there for three consecutive days. On the fourth day, it was gone and never to be seen again. He did not freak out because he has been seeing these ugly and evil things ever since he was a child.

I have had almost the same thing happen along with many other paranormal things. Me and my Mother lived in an apt I always felt like something wasn't right about this home. I used to sit on the back porch and look over in the distance to see this demon looking shape made from the trees it was there the whole year we lived there it scared me to look at it but I found it weird that it was always there the same shape. any ways my mom had a clock in the living room that had rusty batteries in it and had not worked for years. well one night I heard a clock ticking and wondered where it was coming from I looked up and that old clock was working and on the right time. I asked my mom if she fixed it she said no stop playing that thing has not worked in years and asked me if I fixed it I said no and took it off the wall to find it had the same old rusty batteries in it. it worked until we moved. also we had a 3 foot tall porcelain doll in the living room one day I came home from work and she was standing backwards in the corner. another time I came home and these 3 little porcelain clowns that my mom had were sitting on our couch they were in the hall way. one day I was sitting on the couch and I heard a noise all of a sudden the light in the hall way turned on by itself. another time my mom came home and our family pictures were in a pile on the floor. another time my mom woke up bc she heard the shower going, she went into the bathroom and the towels were in the tub socked and a sponge torn into a bunch of pieces. then one night I went to sleep with my mom because I was scared and I was about to fall asleep all of a sudden I couldn't move and sitting on my moms dresser was a small (3 foot) skinny black figure laughing and rubbing itself my body felt all tingly all over and I still couldn't move I couldn't scream or n e thing finally it stopped and I woke my mom up she looked over at the door and so did I there was a very large black figure standing in the door way with the shape of a long trench coat and a hat I asked her if she saw it and she said ignore it close your eyes and just go to sleep. i fell asleep almost instantly. i took over the apt with my boyfriend and his young daughter. we kept my room and gave his daughter my mothers old room i went to put her to bed one night and she said she didn't want to sleep in there because something watches her at night and something trys to make her play with them in the closet at night. we moved very far this day i am so scared of seeing those things again.

I feel you. I am glad you turned to Jesus because he is the only one that can fight them evil things. God bless you.

You know, I believe there is a spiritual world, and yes, some people are more open to it. Some are more open to feeling and seeing it through emotions, wether you're a christian or not. I heard a story of a pastor's wife who said she prayed and studied about the spiritual world often. She wanted to find out and know more. Well, one day, at church, she prayed The Lord would open her eyes to the spirit world, and she saw a black demon, about human size, gazing over the people in church! He was looking around when his eyes met her, and she said he sort of shuddered, like it scared him that she could see him. He just turned around and slowly walked out the door.

interesting, i can't say i've shared this experienced. Also i was raised as a Christian and confirmed but i don't really believe in that religion. However, i did enjoy reading about your experience. On a different topic i also replied after reading responses. Remece's comment is one of the more ignorant of comments i've read in a while... while i certainly don't believe in Christianity i never remember it being "proven wrong", just alternate explinations ba<x>sed off different theories. Also, and the main reason i thought i needed to reply is, i was wondering if remece was seriously implying that demons(not always called by this name) or demonic experiences were only relevant to christianity? Demons have appeared in mythology, theology and religion dating all the way back to the Mesopotamian Era dating back to 3100BC. (begining of "written history" technically meso era was all the way from 5300bc)

Your "short demon" sounded a bit familiar to me. I had two specific "dreams" where I'd try to attack this shadow with no features other than a silhouette, about four feet. It was bigger the first time since I was just a 2 year old or so. It seems like it follows me in my dreams throughout my life. I think it is really a shame that people doubt your story. Maybe they are just afraid. I know that I feel evil in certain places where bad memories are brought up, brought to mind. Be careful. Stick to your faith.

I tried to post my story on here, but it kept telling me that I couldn't use alphanumerics... however i was not. O.o i dunno.

I had a similar experience once. I was never followed, as far as I know. But I'm terrified all over again just reading this...

The point is that you experienced it was frightening to you!!! When I was 4 my brother and I was over at our aunt's ( because she was babysitting) watching TV when all of a sudden it shut off by itself then the porch light came on by itself as well, my aunt grabbed my brother and they both ran to the bedroom which was by the living room!! I was left there by myself and then i was drawn to the screen door ( we left the other door open because it was cool outside) then i couldn't move!! I saw 2 red eye and heard a sinister laugh that sent a chill up my spine!! I couldn't make out what it was because it would not come into the light!! All i know was that it was not benevolent in nature and that it seemed demonic!!

okay, well i'm not trying to convince anybody. I just wanted to see if anyone shared a similar experience so i could get some answers. if you didn't read it, then why did you feel it necessary to comment?

Obviously nobody has time to read your whole life story bt one things for sure, Christianity is proven false which makes your demonic story irrelevant!