The Demons In The Dark.

December 12

My life was filled with different supernatural things. I had seen whispers in the background with no one there, doors slamming closed for no reason, televisions turning off and on but I will never forget this day.

it all started one week prior to the 12th. I was on the telephone with a friend in a argument about something silly. I guess that's what you do when your 16. I distinctively remember we where in middle of calling it quits when static cam over my telephone and the words "Just kill the *****" floated across. She paused for a moment as if in fear and then respond "Did you hear that?" Of course my first reaction was to see if any other people where on the other telephones in the home. However as I would learn there was no one else there. I began to tell her some strange things happened from tome to time through out my home and that they where just random ghost's as my mother learned to call them. This is when the voice again responded "No Ghost, look outside" We both shrugged in fear. I was so terrified at that moment I did not know what to do. However being young and stupid I did exactly what ti said to do and gazed outside the window from my kitchen. Just to the left of us there was a woods that had been standing for over 100 years. This is where they appeared. Form the edges of the brush you could see a row of dark figures. At this moment laughter began to rage through the telephone as if from some dreadful 1980's horror movie. My friend screamed and hung up almost immediately leaving me alone to face this evil. I remember turning for a moment slightly away in fear as the laughter went away. But this would not be the end.

Later that day I mentioned this to my family. My mother of course stated they where either just ghosts or figments of my imagination. My father was not much more helpful stating "It's just paranoia son" So I decided to do the research on my own. my friend and I went to the local small town library at about 2pm and began to read everything we could find to see if there was any evidence to support our weird encounter. After about 3 hours we almost gave up until she ran across a article dating back  years. I stated on the exact spot in 1906 on the founding of my town there was a preacher that worshiped a demon witch name I will leave out of this article for both your safety and mine.  It continued to state this demon was one of many that filled our county with blood and anger for years. Until the day the preacher was caught and tried for his crimes. In the article it was believed his congregation killed many good people to sacrifice to their demon lord. However this article also explained during his hanging the preacher himself stated they dwell in the woods and will manipulate you all! This of course put a chill in us both.

I was tormented from this entity  for many nights after learning of his existence. He would lurk outside my window at night giving evil laughter and scratching on my windows. he began scratching on my walls and whispering with his cohorts in the night. Thousands of whispers wandering behind you, entering your speakers, coming from your walls. I though I was insane. I even went with my friend to a psychiatrist and went on medications yet nothing helped. My mother and father even though of committing me until the last attack on my soal. I was screaming in pain as they both ran up the stairs to find out what was going on. Just then they saw scratched form cross my back and blood begin to drip. You see I was young and made one fatal mistake, I had had enough! When I encountered the demon I cursed him and stated you won't have me you bastard so give me your worst! I guess that day he did. The where both stunned when a force pushed me against the wall and knocked me to the floor. My father somehow got a hold of me and graded me out of the home. Soon after I found myself in a church with a pastor that had dealt with similar things. He stated to all of us he might know a few people that can help.

Within the next few days there where three people at our home both day and night, the pastor, a demonologist, and another man I still don't know. The bound the house both spiritually and through what I can only say are old school binding spells and protection wall such as salt. Eventually you could hear the battles being won! i will spare you all the details of the attacks and the noises as I am sure you can get the idea.

So for all of you that think there is no evil and good I am hereto tell you otherwise. I'm not sure why this event happened or how I was truly involved. What I do know is it opened me up into the world of the unknown. Now through the guidance of those men and other like them I can guarantee there is a battle for all of our soals. Tune in there will be more stories from my end. It's been a strange ride and I think all of you need to know there is help! The question becomes in the battle what side are you on?
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I've used Jesus and His disciples methods of casting out demons for years now and it has always worked. Everything I do is rooted in the Bible and is exactly how Jesus and His disciples did it. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus use salts or candles, or anything to make things happen... His disciplines didn't either, they simply invoked the name of Jesus Christ and when you have the authority to do so (and all believers have that authority!) it will work... guaranteed. Candles, burning sage, splashing holy water, all those things are just false idols.. it presumes that there are power in those things and takes away from the power of God. If anything, using some other tool than God to remove a demon is only giving the demon more legal rights to stay. Removing a demon (or demons) is solely about relying on your faith in Christ and your authority given to you by Christ as a believer to expel them. There's nothing magical about it. You don't need training, heck, most church goers don't even know how to do this sort of thing.. many don't even believe there's a devil in the first place, let alone demons. I've removed countless demons from countless homes and each time by doing what Jesus and His disciples has done it has worked exactly as it should have. I'm skeptical of your methods, but sounds like you have a good start by going straight to the ultimate source of authority and power... after all, He's the one doing the work, we're just working as His "enforcers" of sorts. God bless.

i apreciate your input. It sounds like you are on the right track. Since tis experiance I have learned alot and have gained alot of experiance in casting out demonic presence's. However you need more than just what you stated trust in that. God is a infinate part of the puzzel as well as faith the loed is on your side when batteling any demonic force. However you do need certin books and the proper trainig in order to be forcefull with ann demonic kind. Bringing demons to the grond infron of god takes faith as you know and the right tools of the trade. However i am experiance thast you can suceed! Blessings as you stated are a definate way to ward and as many have learned salt from the earth is a simbolism of religous belief brough into the mix along time before you and I. Everyone should hawever know that if thease and other tools are not used properly you can enrage and infact trap their presence in the exact home you are trying to banish them or ward them from. Simbols can both invoke and ward if you are useing the right verbalisms. However if you use the right biblical text and the faith to use them properly god is alwase on your side. Beware those whom do not know how to utilize them advise to any whom have troubles such as this one...get help form your church or seek guidance from those in church positions that have delt with these presences. You should also avoid most ghost hunters unless they recomend the same.<br />
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Thank you for your input and God bless you as well!

Sounds like you learned the most important lesson from the experience... demons are real and are trying to destroy you. All the salt and spells are just false idols and messing with the occult, thus giving demons legal grounds to stick around. Be careful with stuff like that! The way to remove demons is the same method Christ used... if you believe in Christ then you have the authority to rmeove demons too. Just command them to leave in His name and they must obey. Rarely you'll encounter one that is so strong it won't want to leave. When this happens you'll have to fast and pray, but in all instances you have the power to remove them by invoking the authority Jesus gave those who believe in Him. Trust me. In fact, it wouldn't hurt for you to do occasional house blessings ot make sure it didn't return. Remember, demons can't die... but you can make them leave. A good place to send them to is the feet of Jesus Christ, so that He can deal with them. God bless you and thanks for sharing your experience.