A Demon In My Sleep?..

I want to know if this might have been a demon, an experience for some reason that has clutched to my soul.
When I was 14 I had felt like I was being watched that entire day of September 9th, 2011. Nothing felt entirely right and I kept blacking out and hearing my name being called by a unidentified voice. It sounded like my ex boyfriend who everyone in my catholic family have called an evil aura. As night moved into place the voice came more and more frequent and I had hoped I would find peace In my sleep. As I slowly closed my eyes I saw the man who I once loved.
In my dream I was clouded by red and I couldn't move. I really cant describe the red besides like possibly fog.. The voice was his and it chuckled, telling me it was hopeless to fight. It was if he had taken complete control of my body and I couldn't move and he wouldn't let me wake up. I knew it was a dream, I knew I was asleep and I kept fighting to try to open my eyes but they wouldn't budge... He wouldn't let me open them. Suddenly I felt his cold lips go against my ear as he told me in a raspy voice, "wake up." It was so calm, but I could finally open my eyes.
My body was covered in ice cold sweat as I felt like this... Its hard to explain... Like something was ripped out of me and I saw a flash of black. This was the first time I had encountered anything like this and it never happened again...
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I know how you feel I deal with demons and other creatures from the metaphysical plain of existence it's no fun

I've had aback shadow follow me in the corner of my eye for up to a week and then it started chasing me in my dreams it was terrifying

youre not alone in this world,but only i was not asleep

I will pray for you that it never happens again. It definitely sounds like something evil was with you that day and night, but don't believe it's voice. They try to become familiar, they try to scare you with their knowledge of you. At any rate I hope you never have to deal with anything like this again.