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I haven't told many people about this except for people who I trust will hopefully not laugh at me or call me a crazy *****, when I was living in Philladelphia, starting at the age of four, I began seeing a demon that enjoyed scaring and disturbing me at night, and sometimes (but rarely) during the day. I would always recieve a sort of warning before the demon appeared, every time he was about to appear, I would always hear a baby crying and screaming loudly, even though there were no children in the house besides me.

He always tended to appear in front of my closet which I often faced while sleeping. This is the part that makes people laugh even though it disturbed me as a child and still does, The demon wasn't some hellish giant creature with horns and stuff, it was a extremely pale looking baby with bright blue eyes that had a very wide and creepy looking smile. It wore white fancy looking clothes that, if it were a normal baby, would suggest rich parents, the clothing also looked very old fashioned.

He would talk to me in a grown mans voice and in a language I didn't understand. He would always end his sentances in a questioning tone, and even though I couldn't understand what he asked, every time, I would just nod my head yes slowly (I was a kid, I didn't know what to do.) and he would be silent for a minute after I answered and then laugh loudly and disappear. I believe he was residing in that specific house because once I moved out at around 11 years old or so, It suddenly stopped aside from one last dream I had about the demon. Recently I named the demon Clarence, because I think it suits him. The name Clarence is a old fashioned name that is usually given to rich people or gifted people, and Clarence looked as if he were wearing old fashioned clothing that looked very silky and expensive. This may all sound wierd to most people and may just sound like bullshit but this was no dream or nightmare, or childs imagination going wild, this happened multiple times and is strongly burned into my memory. 


Comments would be appreciated if you know anything about this sort of thing. I'm kind of clueless about these things lol.

MrUntitled MrUntitled 18-21, M 11 Responses Aug 25, 2009

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That's really freaky.

I do believe you saw a low entity. I think they can appear in whatever form they think will scare you the most.

that would have been so scary!!! especially since u were a kid!!!!!

okay u need to go back to the house find anything about the house who lived there research Ur demons spend the night in that house make sure u have something holy with u get a blessed ob<x>ject and record anything it might say.

It must have been pretty terrifying, I can imagine. What stops us is fear on who or what would believe us. Maybe there's more to your kid's "monster in the closet" like with your case. Just remind those around you that there's more to many things than what the eye can see...

These beings are very real, what I saw was completly black and did not have a face although it did not speak to me, I was petrified and screamed as I did the figure stoped and started moving back towards a closet from which it came and exploded in front of my eyes. I was only 9. I thank God it has never happend since. I am now 53 but I will never forget the event as long as I live. Words of wisdom do not play in the spiritual realm it can change your life forever.

Where you the only one in the house that saw it, and if so I wonder why only just you. Maybe it chose you because he saw something in you that interest it. He scared you and frightened you but I wonder what was his purpose in the house, sound's like he was confined to it.

Suprised it did nothing else besides frightening you. Still that baby sounds really really creepy. Can just picture it. Can't say I've evr seen a demon nor believe in them.

OHHHHHH I believe you!!! No questions asked. You ever watch Paranormal State? on A&E....

I do believe you. What a horrible thing for you to have gone through. Did you ever tell anyone while it was happening, like your parents?? I can't even imagine experiencing anything like this!!!

I belive you ive seen one too and it scared the h ell out of me<br />
they are real.