Comming Out Of A Closet.

When i was nine years old i had an experence that still haunts me till this day,I am now 52 yrs old.I admit that I was no angel, but I was not an evil kid either.I was raised by my mother and never knew my father, I don't even have so much as a picture of him.My mother was a very naive lady who really did the best she could raising me as she was 42 when she had me and had little education.So as many of you at a young age I had many questions about life and why I was here, more importantly where I came from and my purpose for being.I remember books I had on evolution and as a child I totally believed it, I had no reason not to, as that was what was taught in schools at that time.I've been pretty much a loner all my life and had alot of time on my hands.I started to envolve myself in things that I thought we're really cool such as playing with fire and going to this occult store that was in my neighborhood.One day I went and saw this real cool life size skull that glowed in the dark and I wanted it badly, so I saved up my lunch money and bought it.I remember holding it up to a bedroom light to make it glow more intensly and would set it on my dresser, after a while it would start to scare me so I would put it under the bed until the next day , this did become a pattern at night,but one night would change everything,now with   that little bit of explaination.

One very hot night in LA, about 3AM I woke out of a very sound sleep. When I say sound sleep, I 've always been a sound sleeper. I woke up, wondering what was up with this? I looked around the room, didn't really see a reason for me to wake up, until I looked over towards the closet. It was then that a figure came from within the closet, it was a figure of a person about six foot in height and completly black,it moved very slowly toward me almost a glide,my first reaction was that i set up in the bed and thought in my mind "this thing is of evil" was my first thought then I reached down with my hand grabbed my leg and twisted the skin to make sure I wasn't dreaming,believe me I was wide awake, still not believeing what I was seeing there was a big window where the headboard was and I was thinking that maybe someone was standing there casting a shadow even though I new in my mind this thing wasn't human,so I looked out the window and nothing was there I turned back around and this figure is still coming towards me and I'm begining to panic. mind you this is a one bedroom apartment with a square arch that you can see into the livingroom from this bedroom,where my mother was sleeping meanwhile this fiqure is coming towards me and gets to the foot of the bed and that's when I let out the most blood curtaling scream you ever heard, my mother wakes up and says "Wade are you allright"at this point I am in shock and did not answer her, I don't know if I even could have,but when I screamed this figure stopped coming towards me and was slowly moving back the way it came towards the closet it went and stood in front of the closet and then litreally exploded in front of my eyes and disapeared.I know this wasn't human, it was blacker than black and had no face only the outline of a human form. This has only happend to me the one time but has scarred me for life. The traumatation since this event is without measure for years , tens of years I would not sleep without covers over my head.I still suffer with nightsweats to this day. I suffer with depression and there's allways a sense of doom when I die that I will be in hell no matter what I do. I have been to many church's looking for answers and they all seem to just blow you off like your crazy or just weird or they think you should just get over it . I wish it was that easy. I have been to mental health facilities seeking answers also. One thing I learned the physological cannot deal with the spiritual and I was told that.This is a true experence I had and one I wish I could forget.                                                                                                

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I had a similar experience w a shaddow person shaped demon. I shined my flashlight and it went on its way. Pray that Jesus Christ will appear in your bedrom. This happened to my friends littlest sister when she was scared. Become pentcostal which is the original Word of God. The Bible should say Holy Bible and should be published by The Guidians. Bring it to your room. Keep in mind that just because Jesus doesnt show up doesnt mean He wont and doesnt mean he wouldnt and doesnt mean hes not around. Hes there always and will always be near you forever. Advice for you: Any angel thay aknowledges that Christ is Lord and says thou shalt not fear is from God. Any angel that lacks these things is not from God.

thank u put a bible and cross near your bed u can be stronger than a demon if u keep the faith light outways darkness

Hey Wade that black figure I believe might be the devil and only the devil would make you think you gona die and go to hell just like that.I would at least tell you this if you talk to the Lord and ask Yesua(Jesus) to forgive your sins you will be free from that feeling and even that experience God bless hope I've been helpful.

Satan is on his hands and feet eating dust for the rest of his life. In genesis. The devil has a pail face and black rings around his eyes. This appears in possessions of satan. Satan is actually a demon too but ahead of the others. Hes actually not the one to worry about. Slick is the one with all the bright ideas to give satan. Wherever slick goes the devil goes. Wherever the devil goes slick goes too.

I too have had these problems and i learned that the Lord has more power over these evil presences it went away almost completely I even had to force them in the name of Jesus Christ to leave me alone. Ohhhh how they hate that but the reason I signed up on here is because of a woman that had experienced these horrible and horrific attacks and I hope she gets to read this, you have to call on Jesus or Yesuah (Hebrew translation of Jesus) I dont like to call him Jesus because supposedly that is not the translation form the hebrew language so now I call him Yesuah or Yahosuah I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right but I no how to pronounce it but I dont belive that God will be angry or hold anyone accountable for not having the right name but I think its very important to study and to be accurate. I can also attest that when I had these horrible visitations I used Jesus name and it worked but at the time I was not aware of the translation. I even remember one nite one of the evil entities responding to me I remember I could see a black orb coming over my face and I was on all fours and I said leave me alone in the name of Jesus Christ and I had to say it a couple of times and the last time I said it I heard a creepy deminic like voice say " You don't listen to him why should we " and then it left me alone and at that time of my life I had strayed away from the Lord and was in sin. So finally if there is any people out there that has came up on this post today and is desperate need to be relieved of this oppression( Not possesion) just say leave me alone the name of Yesua or I command you in the name of Yesua. I pray that God can answer some prayers and I hope I was a help to someone God Bless you all I love you and watch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was cleaing the church one night by myself and mopping the floor I have often done this at night time and have never been nervous or feared anything at all.This night I had the worst feeling and felt like someone was watching me but I knew I was there by myself but I had a bad evil feeling like someone was there. All of a sudden I jumped because i felt like something had touched me on my shoulder I turned and I saw the figure of a man about 6'4 wearing a solid black cloak up over his head and he had no face. i turned and told him to leave in the name of Jesus and turned aback around and it was gone. Last night while i was talking to my sister in law on the phone all of a sudden i could her screaching and screaming through the phone and it sounded like someone was trying to talk, this went on for about 4 mins and i could not figure out what was going on i put my phone on speaker phone and my husband said it sounded like something you would hear in a movie or something and finally it hung up. I called my sister in law back and she told me she heard the same thing I had heard. What are these things and what do they want ?

I had something like that happen to me. A few years ago I was sleeping alone in my apartment and woke up suddenly to find this black, dark shadow staring at me. Couldn't see any facial features, but I could feel its eyes on me. I also felt complete malice and hatred coming from it. Couldn't scream or move, so I just pulled the covers over my head and curled up in a fetal position until it left. To this day I wonder if it was real or a dream.

I just want to thank everyone for your comments on this site. It's good to talk about these experences with others without being judged or to be looked at like your crazy. I also know there are many more people out there who have real experences and for what-ever reason do not care to talk about it. All I can tell any-one is please don't dabble in the spiritual realm or mess with items that can have attachments.I thank God this has not happend since I was nine, but I have also have had to live with this for 44 years. If any-one out there just needs some-one to talk to about these experiences I am here as I have compassion for anyone who has gone though this.There are many things in this life that we do not totally understand, but I believe talking about it is good for understanding and for healing. Many a day I have felt very isolated and alone, you do not have to go through here and you are believed. Just remember one thing, God is stronger than the devil, you may question that sometimes but it is true. If again I can help don't hesitate to contact me.....if nothing else I'm a good listener. God Bless Wadepainter.

Wow I've experienced something quite similar to what you have described. I am a week from turning 42 and was raised by both parents in a loving christian home. The first time it happened to me was the day after high school graduation the last time I slept in that bedroom. I woke up and was terrified I was frozen in place but it was day light and I couldnt see anything then but I sensed a presence, after a few moments I became calm and fell back asleep. I cant remember when it happened again but this time it was at night and I again woke up sensing something very evil was in the room with me something that I could not see or hear or smell but was there nonetheless. I fought to regain control of my body willing myself to move but I could not I tried to shout to scream but could not. Then I thought to myself whatever this thing entity whatever it was could not hurt me. So I got mad, enraged and with all my might I rolled myself out of bed onto the floor and got to my feet and roared loudly ready to go to battle standing my ground telling whatever that had paid me this visit that it could not take from me what it was after that I would stand my ground and fight for what is mine then I hit the lights and there was nothing there but I no longer sensed the evil. This has happened to me numerous times in close to a dozen different places that I've lived. It doesnt seem to be as brazen or powerfull as the first few times more like it's just testing the waters checking up on me. I called it by his name or what I believed it's name to be ordering it's vile being away from me announcing that Christ is my savior and his father God is my creator. Even though I never go to church and worship like most people. I believe I can extend my gratitude, ask for forgiveness protection and guidance anytime anywhere.