Not Many Ever Believe Me...unless They've Seen Too

I was 17 and left my parents house to live with my bf at the time. I was never sick, but the day I moved in I started getting sick, not little coughs and colds but stuff that felt like strep throat but wasnt.  seemed like as soon as I recovered from one thing I'd get sick again... There was one part of the living room that I always got chills in. Even during the day I would avoid that corner at all costs. One day when I was home sick I turned the tv off and tried to sleep. It was bright outside and at one point I looked up at the tvscreen and saw glowy orbs floating around over me... At night when I layed in bed I would see the silouette of a very tall man in atrench face, no voice, he would just stand there and look at me and my bf. I kept trying to blow it off like I was just imagining it, but my bf looked at me one night and just asked if I had ever seen anything in the apt. I said yes but didnt say what I had seen, and he described the same man in the doorway that i had been seeing.... I was terrified and we moved out of that apt. within a wk...same building just a different apt. After we moved I didnt get sick anymore and never saw him or anything else again. It was the weirdest and scariest thing ever. The building was very very old and it used to be a motel along what was a highway back in the day...creepy stuff

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Something similar happened to me. I moved since and it hasn't happened again. I do find myself wondering if it was a nightmare, even though I wasn't asleep when it happened. I try not to think about, but find myself wondering what it was and why it was there sometimes.

Dealing with something like that can be scary. You don't want it ending up attacking you. Don't get too concerned about it though, the more you give it thought, it has the ability to find you, remember that. Don't make things worse than they are... just be careful.

Never exploded or lights or anything. But it does terrify me. I've moved 4 times since and for the 1st week or 2 I am scared. lol I don't want it to find me. Thus far it has left me alone

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There seems to be one common thread here, I too saw a figure that was blacker than black in the form of a human but it did not have a face nor did it speak to me ( thank God). My hope is that you we're not tramatized as I was as I was only 9. I am now 53 and will never forget the experence: Question did this being ever explode in front of you if yes we're there any lights assocated with the event? I saw what looked like teardrops of lights as it vanished.

It happens way more than I ever thought possible, but then again I never believed that stuff till I saw it myself.

Hi forever..., I do believe you. I have had paranormal experiences myself. The first one was in 1991 when I saw the figure of man standing beside a bed in one of the bedrooms, and whether I saw him or not there was always a very cold and errie atmosphere in that room.<br />