Seen Them a Few Times...

don't know how rare double rainbows are.  where i live i have seen double rainbows 3 or 4 times.  one time it was with a full arch, 4th of july, after a heavy rain and luckily after we were finished grilling our food for the day. 

i remember the first time i saw one though.  i was with my mom.  she was driving.  we had driven to a rural area that was pretty much down the road from us.  we were at the top of the hill and starting our way down when it just starting pouring.  there was no visibility at all.  the wipers didn't help, it was dark from the trees and clouds.  i guess it was a few miles going down hill in the storm.  it would have been a straight drop to the bottom if we had gone off the side of the road.  there was no railing or barrier to prevent it.  my mom did a great drop.  guess she just knew the road that well.  she was driving by memory and intuition basically because everything was a greenish brown blur where we were.  there wasn't even a place to pull off to the side.  scared the crap out of us.  we got to the bottom and could finally breathe.  it was just a minute or so after we had gotten down that the rain let up.  we drove through the area and saw tons of damage.  we were at a streetlight close to home when mom pointed out my window and there was a small double rainbow.  we thought it was some sort of sign since we feared for our lives going down the hill.  so now if i see a double rainbow i see it as luck of some kind.  or at least some sort of blessing.

and i saw one last week.  the storm as a whole had more wind than rain but it was pouring when i had to go to physical therapy for a work injury.  i was driving down the freeway afterwards on my way home.  and i followed a double rainbow for most of the drive home.  so i've seen a few and i'm hoping they really are good luck.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

thanks, mizzblue72. we can all use good luck!

I have not seen many, but a couple. I do hope you have good luck! They are beautiful