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I have seen plenty of my male friends naked simply because I have had sex with quite a few of them, so no shocker there.

But the only time it's ever been akward was when it was a friend of mines boyfriend who was also a friend. And I saw him complertely naked head to toe. He was coming out of the bathroom, had no idea I was there and just walked right into the living room where I was sitting on the couch. He couldn't see I was there until her got into the room. He was nicely arroused too. Not full erection or anything, but nice.

He jumped back and I just smiled. He hurried off to his bedroom. He was very embarassed. I would have flashed him my boobs if that would had made things better, but it was weird cause I didn't want to hurt my friend and intrude on their relationship.
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3 Responses May 7, 2011

did your friend (guy) ever mention it again?

apparently you liked what you saw, so what was it like between you and him after that?

I don't think she ever found out. I never told her. Not like I was trying to steal her boyfriend, just kind of happened. But he was a friend of mine too and it was nice checking out his package, giggle!!