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I worked at a casino a couple years ago in the finance department. I had to pass a background check, credit check, have a drug test, and get fingerprinted to even get the job because I would be handling large amounts of money. Still, nothing preapred me for the day in the vault that I prepared the bank deposit. Not only did we have to count each strap of money to verify it was correct but I had to stack the money on this rather large plexiglass table. Tables in the vault had to be see through, your pockets had to be sewn shut, and there were about 8 different cameras recording my every move. After handling the money and stacking it, I stepped back and stared. I was looking at a million dollars! Kinda was a pivotal moment in my life. All that money in front of me and none of it mine. Working and handling large amounts of money in that type of environment was definitely a eye opener. Every day, I witnessed people spending their disablilty checks, pensions, maxing out their credit cards and then not have any money for a cab ride home. Sure, money is great, but in the whole of's only paper.

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That is where i saw it, I worked out in the cashier cages on the floor they moved us around. We always had security, always being watched on our shift cause our drawers were around $400,000. I really enjoyed that job. One time I had to help out in the back and that is where I saw the vault. I was staring and i was like wow that's a lot of money. My supervisor was like, that money isn't i was like ya i know i just never saw that much. He was like well its probably around a million. I remember though too that in the cage booths when the wild fires were happening and we weren't even aloud out of the cages. We didn't realize how serious the fires were until we weren't aloud to leave the building and the guests couldn't leave either. The power went out too. I had two friends die in those wild fires also, but that's another story. OH ya i almost forgot, me and this chick alejandra i was friends with used to try and amuse the survelance like i would get on my knees in the cage and when ppl were walking by i would wave, but like only with my hand showing over the counter and it looked like i was a so many people would stare it was funny.

I used to be one those pla<x>yers who maxed out their credit cards. I know other pla<x>yers who have been the same boat it's so addictive. Sadly I seen floor people watch as elderlys lose their pension checks and drunks who shouldn't gambling being allowed to play.

How much space does $1,000,000 take up?<br />
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A square metre?...sorry! Yard!

wow cool i never knew casinos were that strict