Kinda Sad.

One of the downtown casinos here in las Vegas used to have a million dollars in cash on display in a plexiglass box in the lobby.  I'm not sure why, but it always seemed kinda sad.  There were so many more useful things that money could have been doing, besides just sitting there so tourists could take their picture next to it.

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Stop on by...we have honeysuckle in the garden, and verbena.

One of the other casinos here has a million that they sent the interest on to a different charity each month. I like that better.<br />
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MissBebe - yours and mine, both.<br />
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Flutter - Since I live on a butterfly migration rout, that sounds like a good sign for my garden..."Dr. Bunbury's Rest Stop For Tired Butterflies".

it could have been saving lives by helping the less fortunate