A Lot More Than One :)

I love raccoons. Until two years ago when we moved, we lived in the same place for seven years. Even though we were in the city, there were woods out back that were home to a lot of raccoons. I used to feed all of the stray cats every day & when I would put their food out, I would sometimes see raccoons come & take their food. It made me mad that the raccoons were stealing the food from the cats, but at the same time, I knew the raccoons needed to eat, too. It is a little shocking that they ate at the cat food food lol, but apparently they'll eat anything. I started saving things like potato & carrot pealings & other scraps & putting that outside before I put the cats' food outside. The raccoons ate that & usually left the cats' food alone afterwards. 


We had whole families of raccoons. At one point, we had two adults, & three baby raccoons all outside our house. Once, a raccoon stepped into the house lol, when our cats were out on their leashes (yes, leashes lol. They're inside cats, but we let them out on leashes occasionally). My uncle, aunt & cousins, also had a pet raccoon when I was a kid. He would go in & out of the house & him & their dog would chase each other around the house. The raccoon lived with them for seven years.

I know people don't like raccoons because they get into peoples garbage, & often carry rabies, but I still love them, despite all the times they would destroy our garbage or steal the cats' food lol.

lyricalongings lyricalongings
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2010