A Shooting Star Is....

A shooting star is a lump of space rock burning up as it gets closer to Earth's atmostpher or is it more than that?
To many people a shooting star is a symbol of which they cast their wish upon, in hopes that it would come true.
I saw many shooting stars on a grassy field last summer. The night was clear and i remember lying on the grass and feeling in awe when a hand full of shooting stars passed through the sky. I made a wish that I would be with the one i love the most. A short white after i broke up with my bf at the time but not long after my first bf contacted me and we got back together. Alot of things happen after, some good, some horrific and some bitter-sweet. We are no longer together.
It feels like perhaps all along I wasnt casting my wish on the shooting star, I was chasing a shooting star and trying to hold on to it with my dear life. Shooting stars arent meant to be kept. As swiftly as they come, as swiftly as they leave, leaving nothing but memories of their presence. Sometimes it feels like its a dream but the feeling that remains seems so real. I can follow you to the ends of the earth but thats as far as I can go. The rest of our journey we must part. We dont belong in the same world and maybe it was a lie to myself for you to live my ideal and for me to live your ideal.
Even so, the next time when I see a shooting star in the glistening summer night, I will pray that i see my shooting star again.
For now good-bye my dear.
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Ive only seen shooting stars in very emotional times of my life. In total ive only seen 4. First was on National Weed Day. As I was out walking home with my friends at night I was kinda contemplating how ****** today was. Like it wasnt really sad but just kinda ******. So as we walked I saw a shooting star and wished to be with this girl forever. Unfortunately it didnt go as planned. My 2nd shooting star was when I was on the brink of suicide and was drunk. The thing that I saw was a shooting star at around 10pm at the beach down at the lake. I was there cause me and my dad fought and so I prayed to my grandmother. Then a few moments after I kinda saw a shooting star and started to cry abit.. The 3rd was when me and my girlfriend at the time were having a sleepover and it was our 2nd or 1st time meeting. I was walking through the dense snow about a good six or so inches into the ground. I went through the field and I was in the middle of getting to the parking lot where I was gonna meet her, I looked up in the sky like I always do but I saw a shooting star this time. It was the most romantic time I could have ever had with a girl. Funny thing is thats one girl I dated that I didnt have sex with. Shes still the one I love the most even tho we arent together. 4th Time was when I was in deep thought just kinda loss that night. Wasnt too long ago or anything but I was walking around the lake and I kept looking at the lake but then I saw a light moving in the corner of my eyes so I looked up and saw the shooting star before it was gone. Moments before this I was thinking of the spirits that have passed and wondering if they were watching over me and if I was worthy of ever being watched over by my dead friend and family. This made me smile hard and I kept walking and started playing some positive music along the way.

I have seen thousands of falling stars over the years, one was huge.

great work

awww, wish upon that shooting star, and i'm sure it'll grant you your wish :)