If You Believe In Something Enough, It'll Become Reality...

I haven't seen a shooting star since last summer. It was an incredible experience. I saw six shooting stars that night. It was a clear night, full of silver, twinkling stars, and I was with my crush at the time on the river's shore. We were laying there, staring at the sky, talking, cuddling, and mentioning to each other about the shooting stars we saw. I saw many, but only wished on two of them. It sounds childish, and maybe like a bit of a fantasy, but those wishes, came true. I wished for something reasonable, two reasonable things actually. One was a kiss from my crush, the other was for a kitten. That night, he kissed me. The next day, my sister called me and told me she was bringing home two kittens. I'm not sure if it was coincidence, but something tells me it wasn't. I believe in shooting stars, they have a magical quality to them. You just have to believe in them, make a reasonable wish and it'll come true. Don't lose faith. Believe it.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

i am also big on shooting stars and horoscopes, those sort of things people dont believe in... i what is in my horoscopes come true, what i wish comes true...

Wish for something small and see what happens!<br />

Wow, the heavens favor you. I wish I could get shooting stars to grant my wishes!