Meteor Showers

I've seen meteor showers in 2 different countries and seen many many shooting stars here in Iceland.

In Sweden we had a party on the night of the meteor shower. Everyone in the street came outside with beach chairs, and anything comfortable to sit on, we had blankets and comforters, we barbequed, danced to fun music while we waited for it to start. When it began I got comfortable in a reclinable beach chair with a comfy comforter on and lied back and watched the dark sky light up with shooting stars shooting in every direction, big and small, it was gorgeous.

In America I saw 2 meteor showers. I remember leaning back on my friends sportscar and watching the stars shoot across the night sky. We talked and we were just mezmerised by the sky.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

me and my son saw our first meteor shower together. He was about ten at the time; we drove into the country-side and waited and got night-sight. We wondered whether we'd missed the best of the Persids - and then, there it was. A good time

I want to visit Iceland someday

sounds absolutely breathtaking! someday, i hope i get to see all of it.