The Gray Hockey Puck... And The Return?

This story took place when I was in 7th grade middle school. I was walking back from P.E. to my classroom, which is in an annex adjacent to the main building. The pathway to the annex had a metal awning overhead along the way. It was bright and partly cloudy. I walked along the path, and for some random reason I looked out from the metal awning and up at the sky. I saw it. It had a gray metallic color. It looked like a hockey puck with extremely rounded corners. It floated dead still. It wasn't so high up like an airplane, but it was close enough to see the shape. I saw it for a few seconds, turned my head back forward, continued to walk, looked up again, and it was gone.

I'm unsure about this, but I saw this thing twice. I was early 20-ish, and I'm driving from home to some place on a bright day. I randomly looked out my car window, and I saw the same shape again, floating dead still. I turned my head back on the road for a second. I looked up again, and it was gone.
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

That is so strange.

I still could recall vividly. Now I'm having thoughts. If I drop my guard and lose mind of it, when I randomly look up at the sky one day for a split second… I can't be that interesting.

I hope what you said is really true. And nothing else happens.

Me too...