Whats That Noise?

I live in a small town in Scotland called Langholm. Last night I was going to shut my window and go to sleep but, I could here a strange noise like nothing I have ever heard before. It sounded like a glowing noise pulsating. I had a look about for a while and far in the distance I could see what looked like the light on a airplane. The green and red lights, the thing about the light is that they when hovering. Then I really couldn’t believe my eyes a second aircraft with the same light appeared into my view. It almost look as if the two aircraft had gone to communicate with each other, they where no more than 100 foot apart. I continued to watch the to crafts as one of them started to move again. The crafts this time had started to move towards my direction. As the craft got closer I could start to make out the shape of it and I could see four more little red lights at the corners of what looked like a flat base. The craft mover so slowly and smoothly through the air considering it look about four times the size of a plain. The bottom of the craft looked more of less flat but from a few grooves. As I seen the craft I started to feel really excited in disbelief, I also tried to phone a few of my friend to tell them to look out of there windows for it. Unfortunately none of them answered. As the craft went out of distance from my window I ran down through my house and into the garden. As I got into the garden I found the craft in the air almost instantly, I watched it for as far as my eyes could see and as it slowly disappeared.

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2 Responses May 9, 2012

That's interesting! Thanks for sharing your story.

cool ufo maybe? who knows but u should not be going outside to investigate just now it's a case of (beam me up scotty) do u know what that means or is it only used in my part of the world?

It was a ufo to me, I have never seen anything like it before, but the does not mean that its wasnt humans in it. There is thats much stuff covered up ! Yeah a know what you mean a thought about that when a was outside