I Was About 10 Or 11.... I Still Remember It Vividly

or sort of vividly. Some of the details are fuzzy...but some of the details were fuzzy as it was happening to I guess thats okay.

We lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Main street was all of 4 blocks long The highschool was shared with another town 10 miles down the road and was located 5 miles out in the country. It was the middle of the night. I shared a room with my sister, and we were awoken by what sounded like...and what actually probably was... all the dogs in town barking and barking. We got up and went to the window to see who might be outside and what might be going on. All the streetlights were off. All the power in town had been knocked out, so there were no porch lights, no night lights, no lights in any windows... nothing. Across the street from our house was the sports complex, nothing but track, baseball diamonds, football field, etc. As I said, it was a small town, very multipurpose and very much besides the point. At any rate, above that field there was something hovering. It had flashing lights rotating in a circle and it was making a very high pitched whine, which must have been very loud to the dogs indeed. It hovered there for quite some time and we just watched in awe. Suddenly, it zooooooomed over from the other side of the field to where it was directly above my next door neighbors house where it stayed for what seemed like only a few minutes then suddenly it whoosed straight up and disappeared from sight in a matter of second. I mean it was there, it was gone.

The next morning, we had to tell someone - even though we suspected they wouldn't believe us. So, at breakfast we told mom...hey guess what we saw last night. she was like A UFO....we were like... seriously, how did you know? She said our dad had gone out on the porch to watch it and that though he would never admit it to anyone, he also believed it was a UFO. We never spoke of it again, but I have never forgotten it. The papers only reported an unexplained power outage lasting a half hour to a couple hours... this would have been back in 1974 or so.

All I know is if I ever had the opportunity to be "abducted" I would, but they must not have been very fascinated with us because they didn't come back. I do feel like we shared a moment though when they came over our neighbors house and I feel sort of cheated because its almost like they could see my soul, and I still know nothing about them.
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Thats really weird XD I love UFOs because they fasinate me so much. I hope I get to see one again.

You're lucky to have seen a UFO. I've always wanted to see one up close but haven't yet unfortunately. By the way, be careful what you wish for on being abducted. Not all extraterrestrials are friendly.

how do you know this? All I know is that a lot of humans aren't friendly either. :D

UFO's can be really scary though. I saw one and I was scared out of my mind! I almost screamed and ran away! xD

Haha well people always say that if you get abducted you get probed! Ahh I don't want a metal thing stuck of my @$$!

Human doctors are not very kind either... but honestly I don't think modern day aliens probe anymore... I think they have advanced to scanning. Guess we may never know!

You're right, not all humans are friendly but how do you know if your first contact with an alien being will be friendly? There are a mixture of friendly and unfriendly people out there and even worse, people who will do harm to you. The same goes for extraterrestrials. The universe holds many different life forms with many different motives....just be careful, that's all I'm trying to say.

Doctors are some of the meanest people I've ever met.
Anyway, aliens are always advancing and at a much faster rate than we are. To this day, none of our fighter jets can even come close to catching a UFO. This shows just how primitive we are technologically compared to others out there.

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