I Saw U.f.o!!!!

It was just a normal day and I was at home and sitting on my window and searching for my friends..i was 7 and was curious about not finding my friends......after 5-10 minutes i saw an eliptical thing very high in air,I thought I am getting confused it must be some star but then, suddenly it started moving and moved a little up and down 4 times and then,when it came down for the 5th time it didn't go up but started blinking moving down continuesly and got brighter than started blinking again and atlast I lost it when it came behind a tall building,I my best to to find it but,it was lost..................

I want to be a cosmologist so I was so happy and confused about it but,then when I lost it I was so sad and I thought I don't deserve to be one as i couldn't even follow such an important thing :(

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anshumanrai - I agree with "Me" about being "allowed" to see the craft. If you read my story (UFO in the desert -- or something like that, I forget what I named it, but it was in El Paso, TX), you'll see that I saw a UFO quite closely, and even though 3 other people were in the car with me at the time, I never said anything to anyone about it until 3 months later. I felt, and to this day believe, that it was meant for me alone to see. So you should feel special and that you were meant to see it. I do.

Nice story. And I strongly suspect that you were "allowed" to see this craft specifically so that you WOULD be directed to follow your dream to become a cosmologist. I hope you will. The universe is a mysterious and magnificent place, and the more I know the more I realize how much I don't know. If you are a reader, I'd suggest you read the Patricia Cori books on The Convoluted Universe, The Three Waves of Volunteers, and others in her series. It will really open your mind.

well I generally prefer to stephen hawking's books but will surely search for your books they seem to be concentrated on universe's working mechanism(quantum physics)which i had love to read

To "Me" -- I LOVE the Patricia Cori books. I've already read The Three Waves of Volunteers twice and plan to read it again soon. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who reads this.

Cool. I've seen something like that too. When I was about 7 I saw a silver ob<x>ject going ry fast and stop right above me just stop and then just zoomed off at like super sonic speeds

and sorry for my bad english