Project Greetings

The Purpose of this website is simple. We wish to extend our hand out to our galactic brothers and greet them as a people. Looking at humanity from the outside one might think that we are separated, cruel and sometimes ignorant. But this is not our true planet; it is what our leaders have turned it into. I know far too many people my country is at war with who wish no ill will on me and I feel the same towards them. We as a people do not want wars or hatred but far too often, we are kept out of the real decisions.

​I can’t do a lot about those decisions but I can try and reach out and I trust my friends here on Earth feel the same. We are a united planet that has not been told the truth. I have heard the stories of contact between ET and our leaders. I have heard that our leaders kept this from us and that the aliens obliged our leader’s choices. I’ve heard that our leaders are frightened and refused to let go of nuclear technology and in turn have been ignored by the galaxy as a whole. I want to tell you that these are not our choices. We wish to know you, we wish to meet you and we wish to greet you. I don’t know that you’ve ever made contact, those could be old stories and I don’t know if you will ever find this page, but I have to think that if enough of us call out, you will listen…you will somehow find this page.

​ I am now erecting a message board and I ask all of you Earthlings out there that find this page write a short sentence or two on why they should contact us directly and not our leaders. Or you could simply say, yes I want to meet you. You don’t have to write your whole name if you fear some sort of criticism, a first name or initials will do as long as we get a list going and spread the word to the world about “Project Greetings”.

go to and spread it out, we need millions of signatures.
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

I love it. Will get to your site as soon as I can. Are you on Facebook as well?