On a Highway in Arizona 1976

I was 12 and went on a road trip with my girlfriend and her father in 1976. We were on our way home from California and heading home to Vancouver, through Arizona where we had this strange event happen.

We were heading through Arizona on our way to the next motel stop and it was late. It was dark and rainy and we were driving down a highway with no traffic which seemed like a long time just us alone, it was around 9 pm.

Suddenly my friends father said, " finally we have some company". Me and my friend were in the back seat and we looked out the back window. What we saw was a Very bright light right behind our car maybe 20 feet behind us on the road. My friends father said we better pull over and let it pass because he couldn't see, it was too bright. So when we pulled over, It did aswell. We waited a few seconds for it to move on and it wouldn't so we just pulled back out and drove off. This thing then came behind us again and in seconds it shot off to our right , over fields. There were no turn off's or ramps just fields and this light went over the fields and disappeared. Again it came behind us, and again left the road over the fields and then again vanished. Minutes later it was north in front of us above the mountains just motionless for a good 5 minutes as we kept driving then it vanished. That was the last we saw it.

Years went by and i lost track of my friend and her dad because my gf married and moved to the states. I looked for my gf via her father in Vancouver and when i found him our first conversation we had was about that incident. Years went by and our stories were identical. The father was terrified at the time but being 12 the two of us didn't have any realization what was really going on. Now i think about this incident almost daily and wonder why and how and what and why didn't it try to communicate and maybe we were lucky it didn't.

I Never bring this up into conversation because the couple times i did i get this " oh yeh " and that look like i am crazy. If someone say's they saw something i think you people who are none believers need to believe them. Really , no one wants to be thought of as crazy and to make this up just wouldn't have any meaning. So there you have it. We were in the right place at the right time that night and i consider myself one of the lucky ones to have been able to see it.
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I believe you, and to all the people who make fun of us I just feel sorry for them for not having that kind of experience of seeing and believing that we're not alone in the Universe.

Did you you must be careful ((trust me))