On A Flight.

On an early morning flight between Portland and Denver, with the sun coming up at 36000 feet I looked out the window and saw something strange.

I can only describe it as a small cone-shaped cloud with a black dot at the front. It seemed to be moving quickly, but as WE were moving quickly it was hard to tell. For one thing I had no idea how far away it might have been. I watched it wondering what it was, but it soon became apparent. The UFO became an IFO. It was another airplane with a rather short contrail behind it going west.

That's the thing about UFO's, the "U" stands for unidentified. If you see an alien space ship, that is NOT a UFO, it's an alien space ship!

I think the most telling statistic is that despite the fact that thousands of amateur astronomers are gazing skyward every single night world wide, UFO reports from them are almost non-existent. Almost all UFO reports come from people who almost never look up, and are thus less familiar with what the sky looks like.

If alien spacecraft are visiting Earth, rest assured the amateur astronomers ARE going to spot them. And their reports are going to be much more reliable because they are familiar with the sky and what's up there.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Oh i'm sure there are plenty of astronomers that report UFOs, there are just fewer of them than the average person and so they're reports probably often get burried under the others. If you want to know about a profesional astronomer, how about J. Allen Hynek?

Just because a person earns the right to place "PhD" after their name doesn't mean they are not a nut.

On the contrary my friend I bet that amateur astronomers have the most incredible stories out there.And for obvious reasons they keep there tales secrets.

Obvious reasons? Perhaps I'm not as smart as you, but what are they? Are you telling my that governments WORLD WIDE (which have trouble agreeing on ANYTHING, including in at least one case the SHAPE of the table to be used in peace talks to end a war) are conspiring together to silence the thousands of people out there who's HOBBY (rather than job) is to watch the sky looking for comets and such? This seems REALLY unlikely to me.