I Saw a Ufo On Waterloo Bridge London

i t was my 18th birthday 29 september 1983, i had arranged to meet my brother in covent garden so i was in my boyfriends car with my best mate and my boyfriend. My boyfriend was driving an MG  and as im only small i got in the back seat and my mate sat in the front. the traffic was building up it was roughly 5pm. Lots of people were on their way home from work there were i would estimate about 60 people crossing the bridge at that time. Suddenly directly in front of us a massive silver disk craft almost dropped out of the sky in front of us. It took up a large area of the sky and hovered on its side. I could see portholes all around the centre and what looked like lights on inside. Some of the windows looked dull as though people were looking through them. The craft was letting out like a lilac light from the underside. As it hovered i noticed there was writing under it the writing looked like  heiroglyphics, also there was a sign which looked like a swastika in red, for some reason i think the arms may have been going in the opposite direction from a swastikas. There was a car in front of ours and a little boy was jumping up and down on the back seat with excitement, it appeared that he also had seen this craft and was almost pointing at me and i just nodded at him as if to confirm it to him. His parents didnt seem to react. I looked at the people crossing the bridge some were frozen on the spot with their fingers pointing up to it others just walked on like nothing was there. My boyfriend was slumped across the driving wheel as though he had been knocked out. The car engine turned off we had to restart it. I sat there with my mouth wide open speechless. then it almost zapped away...it left no trail, no sound and no smell. I turned to my boyfriend and said did you see that, and he said no!, then i said to my friend did you see that, she had her mouth wide open and just nodded. I confirmed with her what we had seen and was amazed that my boyfriend had said he hadnt!, as it was massive and unmissable. I checked the papers for a few days after thinking there would be a report but nothing.

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Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

i am amazed only i and the hippy have tried to report this as there were hundreds of people on the bridge watching that day !

There's been far too many sightings for them all to be false. At least the internet allows this info to be "broadcast" now, not subject to the whim of some news editor.

ok im going to go out on a limb here make of this what you will. the date i saw this craft 29 september was not just my birthday but also the day of all saints!, and the day of st micha 'el. ive researched pictures in antiquity that show these craft. There are constant references to the virgin mary with one of these craft above her head!. I guess there is a reason for this but what is it?

WOW finally i have found another person who saw this...yes its just as you described it yes it was most definately 1983 as it was my 18th my friend who was with me remembered the date i didnt. and your picture is very similar to mine too...same sign but that swastika was actually reversed which is the sign of peace and is known as a widdersham...or some similar spelling. thank you so much for this post this is most appreciated. xx please stay in touch

i really hope the person who wrote this will get in touch as ive waited over 25 years to find someone else who was there and is willing to talk about it i know exactly what you mean by it seeming like it was not allowed in your head i remember thinking over and over THIS CANT HAPPEN its more like i was watching the laws of physics being broken in front of my eyes than seeing a competly solid ob<x>ject it was as if my mind was rejecting what my eyes were seeing which quite plainly the biggest single ob<x>ject ive ever seen hovering over the river in a way that was inexplicable!<br />
are you sure of the date? i thought it was 84

i too was on waterloo bridge that day the driver of the car i was in also wont aknowledge he saw it even though we both got out the car and gawped and your right it was certainly filled with {people?} watching us !!! the most mindblowing experiance of my life!!!<br />
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it sure was hereisnobody.

i guess we can only speculate but i do agree there is some kind of build up of energy in specific sites...also that certain stones hold this energy. Granite seems a popular feature!. But i wont pretend to understand it. I am just sharing what i saw with my own two eyes!.

There are vortexes of high energy around this planet in different locations and when beings from higher dimensions (say 5d) wish to enter lower dimensions like ours (3d) they have to lower their own vibrational levels sufficiently enough to be able to function in that 3d dimension and to make this task easier for them they choose the most suitable energy vortex sufficiently powerful enough to be able carry out what is required for 3 dimensional beings to be able to see it...and places around the Stone Henge areas have this suitably high energy... <br />
<br />
Plus it is a highly populated area and has a best chance of being noticed and can be changed quickly without damage to the planet or people as the crops get cut down seasonally....and as crops are actually enhanced by the rise in energy from these beings it is very advantageous to the farmers....

ok ive seen some of the crop circle stuff before....i cant work it out. The picture with the jellyfish like shape with the 7 circles below that was interesting for some unknown reason. The silbury hill one....are these things often near these hill like structures? do you know

Check these out!<br />
<br />
<br />
Watch the video and see their craft in action !!<br />
<br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM1zDp7hajY<br />
<br />
<br />
See The Photographs From The Air !!<br />
<br />
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/silburyhill/silburyhill2010a.html <br />
<br />
I have reason to believe they are here in their millions....but not harm..but to help...and as soon as they can get enough Govts to agree to their help the will reveal themselves all over this planet in real quick time...this will happen within the next 12 to 24 months....and a tremendous rise in human consciousness will follow...

there are a lot of sightings like yours ludvig, lone highways then being followed or swooped on normally lights are seen too, did you see any?

ntributing!<br />
Around 1970, my wife and I were driving along a really isolated area on the Kentucky/Tennessee (USA ) border around midnight with 3 children asleep in the back seat. Something came down and hovered over us making a loud humming sound so strong that the whole car was vibrating. At least what I could hear over my wife's screaming."Don't stop, Don't stop" It stayed with us for about 3 minutes and a couple of miles. We never did see anything. This was before helicopters became more common and the sound was not an engine sound, just a hum. Have never found an explanation.<br />
<br />
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the ob<x>ject i saw was huge like a brushed silver colour not shiney dull surface..the light underneath was lilac...paleish blue hazey. my boyfriend no he had never done anything like that he was a 6ft 3 strapping man with no health issues...my other friend was as aware as me. the writing i would say was heiroglyohs not that i know any but thats what it was like shape wise, or at least thats what i immediately thought when i saw it...ive no reason to think its not from earth after all their were plenty of references to them in the bible...obviously i hadnt seen one before so thats why it was a shock but it was marvelous too and i do consider myself lucky to have seen one and to actually be able to appreciate the stories i hhear about them and know its true they do exist im not going to second guess where they come from as that would be pure speculation but if i were to assume they were from anywhere it would have to be here...after all there are so many sightings so regularly world wide i would be daft to assume otherwise...but they thats just my opinion im in the dark along with the rest of the general public.

Actually, we are speaking from and on one planet, one heavenly body, of way too many -- we can't presume that there are Earth humans piloting, nor that the massive lilac bottomed ship was a balloon, nor that the pilots inside were deliberately hiding -- nor that there's no connection to the car turn-off, let alone your bf not seeing anythg..anymore than we can presume that there isn't a prime directive not to interfere here -- at least being partly honored -- anymore than we can presume that the ship is from another planet. But, what does your intuition tell you? Do you really feel that the ship you saw would be on your side, or against you/us/our planet? It seems that it was very 'not hidden'..but, you said..on its side? I have a Q -- were the lights red-pink, or what color? When you say disk, or 'disk craft', what shape, precisely do you mean -- see, we have tinted glass on cars & in some bldgs -- does this mean that we are hiding, too? Hmm -- also making me wonder, how exactly, would you details, that the craft 'let light out'..a beam, several, a glow, how strong-far reaching -- did the light move, was it static? what tint was the light -- I am wanting to picture the craft, as well as the scene..Was your bf the same, after he seemed (or? was?) knocked out..slumped over the steering wheel -- did he often do that, LOL?! How did the craft 'almost zap away'? Describe that in as much details as you can, thanks. The opposite to nazi-direction swastika is an ancient USA-tribal symbol, it means peace (a lot of tribal groups know that there are space aliens, ufo's, for ex. out New Mexico way, there are plenty of unusual sightings, not just Rozwell (sic), or Roswell. How many/size of/boldness/anythg yu can recall, re: the heiroglyphics. I have seen a huuuge craft: The daytime skies went a kind of purple-pink (afternoon!not twilight!), & the craft was that classically drawn one, from cartoons! in shape -- bigger than the large house it hovered and sometimes moved over/near -- there were lights, contained, red-pink..the base was of a glass-metal, smooth undulating material I'd not ever seen, in my Earthlife travels..all was silvery, but the purple-pink was tied to the ship, it's appearance (deliberate, for a lot of minutes ), Did the classic ufo -- here, now..hey, over there, didn't consciously note how did it move there, anyways!It felt peaceful enough. Eventually, all watching went indoors, to get on with regular Earth living -- didn't see it go. Went back out later -- sky had resumed its normal sky blue.

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i always wondered when i would see a report from someone else that was there on waterloo bridge that day...that would be nice to read.

or maybe the occupants simply need a meal!...in which case it would make sense. There is much logic behind these events if you look for it!. I mean i wouldnt imagine they would need the skins or bones if it was for a meal would they!. Just a thought, but a logical explanation without making it into something odd or weird. A hungry man on a ufo may look for food!!! makes sense to me.

ahh yes i've checked it out now will take a better look in a while thanks for that though could come in handy!. Oh and as a result of this post i've given my consent to can have this sighting written in a book!. Which is great as other people may come forward that also witnessed this event. It wont be available for a while though...cant wait. This is also recorded in the MOD files which are being released now.

I have read a few of his books! ive got a few here actually but not that one...communion and another i forget, but i do know he also writes horror novels which for me kind of takes a little credibility away from the communion story..so whats this unknown country about??

what i saw could be compared to that!...pretty much like that actually. But no noise and the lights didn't have multi colors just lilac blue

Oh, wow. I can imagine it, and suddenly I'm longing to see one... it's been so long. The most amazing UFO I've ever seen is the one in Third Encounters of the Close Kind, where it flew up behind Devil's Tower... I freaked out. I'm not saying that I think your story is not real, it sounds pretty realistic to me. It's just that the one in that movie was... amazing.

i do like your idea of getting in their heads and finding their stories though, im gonna give it another go now, but i must admit before the mod stuff came out there was very little on here regarding this. I did report it myself on several sites in the hope that it may lead to others posting but no...

neither did i! until about 20 years later

i wonder what all the other people that witnessed this event made of it and how it affected them.

but if you said rode that is past tense and would mean you actually had...you trying to tell us something??..

thanks wordwarriorabc. You trying to get me going with your weather balloon comment!..haha, no it was most definately not a weather balloon and ive seen my fair share believe me if you saw what i did you would know it was no weather balloon. It was just as i described it and im not sure how big a weather balloon is but what i saw was about the size of a football field. I havent drawn it actually i will give that a try as i do draw mmm good idea thanks for that. Sounds like you wish you were there when your family saw what they did. I know i am lucky.

you have a valid point there, so now would be the right time and conditions to pull such a stunt....interesting thought that...hmmmm

wow you have a vivid imagination, who really knows though but that does actually sound like a logical explanation. I was told by one keen observer that it was possible the government would actually stage a domesday, where they would make it look as though aliens were going to take over in order to create a desired reaction from the people!. <br />
I do believe they are terrestrial though, and i think this because of the cover up. Have you seen the 'ancient' pictures from india and egypt which show aircraft and flying domes!. Do you actually believe these pictures etc were actually made at the time they are said to have been or do you think this could also be part of the cover up, now if thats the case it tells me where a few of them are...they can feed us whatever they want and the majority of us will not question its authenticity. I am having none of it. We are fed lies and bullshit regularly.

what i saw was no way a weather balloon and it was very close. There is no other explanation for what i saw other than what it was. It cannot be explained away as anything else no matter how you dress it up it was what it was and i have described it exactly as i saw it, now if you think and can convince me that that was a weather balloon then go ahead and prove it, what i saw was not a figment of my imagination or a blooming weather balloon!...im gonna bounce a weather balloon off someones head one of these days...hehe, there are so many excuses for what people like me see, why cant it be what i say it was...which it was. Why is it i can talk about anything else and it not be debated and yet when it comes to this i have to justify what i saw. I dont lie i dont exaggerate i dont dramatise i say it as it is. There is no explanation it was a flying saucer for want of a better name...u.f.o well i identified it. Air currents jees was you in the middle of hurricane gilbert or something...lol. You see i think you are questioning your own experience i am in no doubt about what i saw, and i didnt witness it alone, was it mass hysteria...another excuse all unreasonable. If 300 people say they see something why would it not believed, in the case of ufos there are thousands of sightings every year and yet still their credibility is questioned!, you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time.

or maybe something happens that makes us react like this, i dont know if you can pick it up from here, but i am so outspoken i cant keep quiet, i dont like secrets i always try to be honest if i see something interesting happen in front of me i will tell people, but this was not like that at all. i was quiet not consciously i didnt speak about it because i couldnt, i couldnt because when i thought of it, i couldnt think of it. I dont know if that makes sense to you. It was like it was allowed in my head but not out of my mouth. I never told the people i would have expected myself to tell, i dont even know if i told my brother when i met him that day of what i had seen. Its like we saw if we acknowledged what we had seen, well me and my friend not my boyfriend, then we never spoke about it again...never for about 10 years and when i did raise the topic my friend just said yes vicky in a way which ended the conversation she said yes vicky we did see it. then changed the subject. I asked her again about it about a year ago and she told me the date she said she couldnt believe i didnt remember and said it was my birthday and jogged my memory. At the time i kept a diary had done since i was a kid so i decided to go back to my diary which i still have for that year and check out the date i had originally done this. I knew the year as i knew it happened after my brother had died but before i was with my sons father which left a small break, but when i looked the only date in the diary that me and my friend and boyfriend were together was in may, but she was right i checked that date and i had written nothing not a thing! i didnt write a thing after the event for a while.

i have also spoken with nick pope the guy who was a ministry of defense employee working in the department that dealt with the handling of ufo sightings. I have reported this sighting but at the time i reported it i was not able to confirm the date. I know the date now as i spoke with my best mate of the time and she informed me of where we were going at the time. I had actually forgotten that it was my `18th birthday. To be honest i did not speak about this for a very long time afterwards...like ten years, which is weird in itself.

No it makes you the hippyhippy shake...;-)

i'm not so sure about that i believe there will be more censorship personally.

its just not the standard thing you hear when you hear of ufos, the hieroglyphics thats really interesting im reading up on it now...good year 1965..;-)

oh my gosh ive just reread that message you sent previously about the kecksburg ufo thats spooked me, hieroglyphics. I missed that before. oh im gonna check that one out.

i have been searching for years and have seen video evidence of a similar craft in the same spot on you tube but never have i seen a report by anyone else about the same sighting, i have found the same day in america and a very similar sighting and thats possible it was the same craft as i have never seen anything move at that speed before. i did read it once in a book i think it was by nick pope and he mentioned a mass sighting from his own office, which also happens to be in the same area i saw it, in the mod office itself. Did you check the youtube post i put on here, he actually mentions the waterloo bridge sighting on it. Now whether or not that was on the same day as mine i am unsure but i do believe it was in the same year so i would like to get hold of that report. All these things should now be available at the national archives in kew, where they are now releasing the mod ufo files.

no i dint think you were im just stressing my points as i feel relevant!..<br />
so are you saying you are now doubting my story, you said at least not originally. Its not something you can make someone believe i have learnt that over the years there are people i think that even if they saw what i did would 'try' to make themselves believe it was anything other than what it was. I am a realist i say as i see, nothing more i havent elaborated on the facts. Well if there have been crashes it has been said that the craft have been back engineered, so i would imagine by now most powerful governments would have their own!. Someone knows who they are and judgeing by the amount of sightings its not one or two!. Their are also many sightings of ufo around army bases. So military aircraft is the greatest possiblilty. The ufo i saw was not far from the houses of parliament. <br />
The ob<x>ject i saw was much much bigger than a vw more like the size of a football pitch!..massive

i just deleted the previous post and replaced it with this which is the information relating to the m.o.d disclosure project.

do you not think that the fact they are denied tells us that whoever does own them doesnt want us to know they exist?. I have heard it is because they use free energy and are anti gravity. So even if they were owned by arabs, im not saying thats the case, im just saying what i saw which was writing which i at the time thought looked like hieroglyphics but could equally have been something like arabic, put it this way it wasnt german!..or vw. If you saw a hand in front of your face you would know it was a hand right?...well when you see something like this right in front of your eyes you dont question your vision!, you ask questions about the ob<x>ject itself. what is the kecksburg case about?.

i agree ns5, possibley judging by what i have seen on other sites and witness reports some are ours and others are not. But i agree wholeheartedly with what you have said. I said hieroglyphics but it could have been like Arabic...but at the time i thought hieroglyphics. It was squiggles and dots if i remember rightly like a waving line with dots or something like that, it made me think of hieroglyphics. That's an assumption i was 17 i probably wouldn't have known either way and i tend to trap memories as i had them rather than rationalize them later on, if that makes sense.

What you saw and I beleave is mathamatic numbers other

it reminds me of that story arazona lake plesent..the bridge

it sure was i am grateful for it and it was my 18th so couldnt have happened on a better day.

i would like to believe that there is intelligent life on other planets, because there's not much on ours!. lol. Also i cant say whether this craft was being flown by an alien or a human and i prefer not to speculate. I would think though that these craft are indeed man made, i have no reason to believe otherwise. Its technology that's hidden from us, its covered up and people that see them are made to look like liars or mentally unstable. The fact that this is the agenda of how these sightings are handled tells me that there is a cover up and i suspect the cover up is because they are indeed ours!.

the ufo disclosure information can be found here<br />
<br />

well they are now releasing information at the ministry of defence and actually this sighting has been recorded and reported by multiple witnesses. I was also lucky enough not to be on my own, as if i had seen this while alone i would honestly have questioned my sanity. It was not something i believed in before i saw it, but once you have seen something with your own eyes there is nothing anyone can say to take that experience away. As you can see what i saw was up close and could not be explained away as anything other than what it was.

yes i felt privileged i know the truth whereas others are still speculating over their existence. It was real cool. I would love to have had the chance to fly in that baby..lol...that really would have been the trip of a lifetime...pity

Good story...I saw one too in broad daylight in traffic.<br />
It was pretty cool.