I was driving home from work at around 6 am in De. I stopped at a red light at a four way crossing.  I looked up and saw a huge disk about as high as a telephone poll. It was as big as a football field. Lights were going around it quickly, no sound coming from it. I got out of my car to see it.  The people at the intersection were also watching.  Then a train was coming so we had time to observe it.  In a blink of an eye it went straight up and went south but straight into space. Disappeared.

The news was full of sightings.  However, they were saying it was a weather balloon.  This was 1974.  I have never seen another.

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YAAAAAAAA the 70's were great times ...yaaaaa I dig ya ... wow !!!!

That is .... wow... I can't image. That is the year I was born. I can't imagine.

I always believed, then 2 years ago I saw, I was in auh! with feelings of exhileration I could not share. The few I told I was not sure if they believed, but to look into my eyes when explaining maybe they just might.<br />
It was 4:00 am I saw no others witness what I've seen but it will always be em<x>bedded into my memory because it came and it was real.

Words -- we hav been deliberately programmed, think 'school desk!' for hrs in a day (& with homework, then!), for years of our lives -- words that lie have become our trigger commands, control us: true ones get mixed in with false, & we have gone upset-crazy, bec. we are not always able to feel up to, confident about winning this words game -- it's a cruel twist -- bec. we have been isolated (desk! don't talk in class!) so not allowed our natural trust (tricked, even when we know! better, if the words say so..we can become, feel, instantly over-powered, out-numbered)..who will believe US! when THEY say..2 little words "weather balloon", ace, trump card..<br />
Gladly, there are still us..US!..who say 'look! emporer's got no clothes on!!'..in spite of the horse pucky being sold as FOOD, info. feeds, my hoss's a...real sweet creature, but, sheeeet.. Ain't it nice o' THEM, how they put the Christmas lights out...onto the "weather balloon"..why, that sounds right merry..festive..Also nice, pleasant (to use the WORDS), so FUN!..is how it was tel. pole then sky high, flying south for the winter, I s'pose. Where the WEATHER is BETTER!

no popoki, every once in a while it is swamp gas...

hmm.. how could that be a weather balloon? lol. they need to come up with something better.

YES it was indeed the coolest. While watching this thing, I got the impression they were just watching <br />
mice. Like they were lab people observing a lower species. THAT gave me the creeps. I do believe that our gov. knows they are here. I do not think it is any coincidense that we have the most sophistocated of airplanes or technology.

wow nice bet your glad you saw that though arent they just the most fascinating things!?... after you get past the initial shock you see how lucky you are to know the truth that they do exist.