I saw the unicorn in one of my fantastical dreams. It was a stunning creature. It's sleek white coat covered the bulging muscles underneath, as it galloped and galloped over double rainbows, streams of gold, and vast sparkling fields of strawberries. It had a mane that was as floaty and gauzy as smoke, swirling this way and that. The unicorn danced around a gnarled sycamore tree, casting lovely shadows around. Out of the tree came a stream of fiery pixies which enveloped me, concealing my view of the unicorn. I cried his name once, then woke up with a startle. Peering out my window, the panes tarnished, I caught sight of a white blur moving easily and quickly through the trees. I smiled a soft smile, and whispered his name. Then I dropped back down into a -dreamless- sleep.
Itsabbybaybe Itsabbybaybe
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013