My Angel Experience.

All my life I have believed in angels and was raised religious. As an adult I am still very religious and I remember back in 2003 when I was going through a very hard time. It was one of many, but I tried to stay optimistic and surrond myself with things that would distract me like books about Heaven and angels. I remember wanting to see angels more then anything. The desire consumed me and I focused as much attention as I could on seeing an angel.
So every night I began a ritual, I relaxed myself, lit a candle and said a heartfelt prayer to God, then to my Spirit Guide, then my angels. Finally I would ask God to allow me to see Heaven's angels and have me remember the occasion. To open up my heart and eyes. Needless to say, over a year and a half later I was still doing my ritual and one night asked God once again, only this time laughing after thinking of how long I had longed to see angels. This night I asked to view God's minion that stand guard and were for protection. As I drifted off to sleep I felt relaxed and later in the middle of the night, I woke up suddenly.
I remember being exhausted but Needing to wake up. Something in my room was different. I felt as if something was there and I Needed to see who they were. As I pulled myself out of a deep sleep ( I was sleeping on my stomach) and turned my head over my sholder, thousands of balls of light were suspended in mid air. Immediately I shook my head and tried my best to wake up and sit up. I was sad because I was sure they would all be gone by this time. Sadly I pulled on my glasses and looked around the room. Still there were more balls of light then I could ever count all over my room. I remember being wrapped in an incredible joy, love, acceptance and in the presence of true beauty. All I could do was laugh and smile. I remember saying out loud God you remembered, Thank you.
To this day it brings me great joy and although they did not come with wings and robes like I imagened, I knew their presence immediately and will never forget my experience.
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just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on: You can download the first chapter of her first book
free of charge on I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open

Lucky you! Amazing Experience, thanks for sharing it

Thanks very much for sharing this.

I agree with you christinajsinkler, it was the most wonderful sensation of peace I have ever experienced.

lol XD i know, right? if i were to see what they really look like i would definetly be speechless, and probably have my eyes widen and my mouth open xD

ImJen,<br />
I agree, they are definately protectors like no other. Lol, I was expecting to see what I have know traditionally as angels with the wings and halo.... but I was speachless.

:DD AWEEESOMESAUUUUCE!!! XDDD lol im so glad that you got to see what they really look like :D they're balls of light! ^^ and im sure they are sent to protect us <3

What a beautiful experience!! :) :)