God Has Allowed Me To See Angels.

Most people do not know that our world is surrounded by the supernatural.  We are used to waking up and dealing with the every day "average joe", so to speak.  But there is a world which surrounds us which is filled with utter mystery, brilliance, and wonders.  And in that world are angels.  Angels are heavenly beings created by God sent to serve and minister.  They are God's personal messengers and guardians over whosoever He gives them charge.  Over there years, I have been blessed by God to see the supernatural world and the inhabitants of it.  I remember there was a time in my life where I was tormented by demons.  I picked up the bible and I started reading Psalms 34:5-7 over and over.  If you are not familiar with that passage.  It states that an angel encamps those who love God.  So after saying this for so many weeks.  One night I laid down my head to go to sleep.  With my eyes closed I saw a huge, angel walk past my bed.  He looked like he was 4 feet wide with a brilliant, pure white robe on.  When I saw how big he was.  I thought to myself this guy can whoop some tail.  After seeing the angel, it let me know God has provided the best protection for us.  The only reason we get tormented by demons and devils is because we do sinful things which pulls back God's hedge of protection over our lives.  But it's interesting, that God has allowed me to see angels operating in different capacities during my life.  I just mentioned about the angel walking across my bed.  Well, at this time the angel was operating in the capacity of protection.  Another capacity angels operate in is personal ministering.  I remember one time I was really struggling as a Christian.  I started to struggle with a lot of pornographic thoughts and wild imagination.  It was pulling me down spiritually.  So, one night as I was sleeping, with my eyes closed again.  I saw this angel walk into my room.  He came and sat by my bed side.  He then took what was like a ball of heat and put it on my chest.  After he put the ball of heat on my chest, he got up and walked out of the room.  This ball of heat began to sink down into my chest and went all over my body.  After this happened, I got out of my bed and prayed to God and repented of my sins and I was instantaneously cleansed of those issues I was struggling with.  Moving on, the next capacity angels operate in is encouragement.   At this particular time, I was having problems with my health and had just been healed.  As usual, I was laying down sleeping with my eyes closed and a angel walks in the room.  This time he only stood in the door way.  When he walked in the door way I had a dream.  In my dream, I saw a mosquito bite me.  When the mosquito bit me, I saw viruses go into my blood stream and they multiplied quickly.  Then all of a sudden, the viruses began to shrink an disappear.  After the dream was over the angel said to me, "Whenever the enemy attacks your health, healing crusades will break out".  After the angel said this, I immediately woke up.   Now, I just want to clear something up.  I understand when I had the dream that is was in reference to a time in the future.  Also, I understood, the angel was letting me know, down the road.  God is going to make the devil pay every time he goes after my health, because that was an area he really went after me in.  But after this dream there is no doubt about it.  I was really encourage.   Furthermore, another area angels operate in is strengthening us.  Angels come in different shapes and sizes.  I remember one time I went down to the church and I was dead tired.  However, when I got to the altar.  This small angel came flying in with wings which fluttered like a humming bird.  The angel came right up into my face.  He took his wings and graze my stomach and then grazed my nose.   When he did this, I felt the holiness of God come off of him onto me.  All that tiredness and fatigue went completely away.  I felt so great after that encounter.  Moving on, another capacity angels operate in is delivering messages from God concerning the future.  One night, I had a dream.   In the dream I was in our church.  But in the dream, the church had a upper level balcony.   At the top of the balcony I saw a man dress in brilliant white.  I knew immediately it was a angel.   Some how I got to the balcony and started to walk towards the angel.  When I walked closer to the angel.  I noticed he had my pastor's face for some reason.  I got close to him and I was so excited with joy.  I knew I had a opportunity to ask him something, but I did not know what to ask him.  So, at that point, the angel showed me the next 3 seasons of my life.  After this, he said to me, "Do you have any questions?".   I responded, "I can't think of anything.  No.".   He said, "Good, because the things you have seen will surely come to pass.  This I have heard from The Lord".  After the angel said this, he walked away real fast.  Lastly, angels operate in the capacity of ministering to our physical needs.  I remember one day we had a service at night in our church.  I did not have any money.  There were a lot of things I needed to get taken care of financial wise.  So, this pastor calls everyone up to the front to pray.  I laid down prostrate on my face and began to pray.  All of a sudden, I feel someone put there hand on my butt (lol).  At first, I thought it was the pastor sitting next to me.  But when I looked at them.  This person was sitting to far away, but I am still feeling the pressure of the hand on my butt.  Actually, the hand was on top of my wallet in my back pants.  But I definitely felt a hand there.  A couple days after the service someone brought me 250.00 to get the stuff I needed.  When this happened.  I understood God sent His angel to let me know my wallet would have money to take care of my needs.  So this is not all of the examples but just a few.  Often times, people are desirous to see angels.  But in truth and reality, that should not be our focus.  God allows us to see them, to let us know He is ever attendant about our everyday needs.  That even though we don't always know what's going on.  God is working in the unseen realm in our life.  The focus should always be getting to know God and desiring to have a encounter with Him.  Having a encounter with God is way more powerful than seeing angels.  Have I seen God?  Yes, but I have not seen His face.  The Lord has allowed me to see Him sitting on the throne and some other encounters.  Those are really the kind of encounters we should desire. 
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A strong relationship with Christ is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to anyone. I, myself have had encounters with angels and seeing the face of Jesus. The love of GOD is truly amazing. Be blessed and continue to give hope to the unbelievers.

I just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on:
www.lornabyrne.com/newsletter-list/ You can
download the first chapter of her first book
free of charge on www.scribd.com I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open.


**** u ***** **** god to

All true my sister on Christ. I was cleaned by one of a life long drug addiction.GOD BLESS YOU!

Beautiful story, touching and encouraging. It helps me see a little bit better. Excellent. Oh, and i believe every word.

Hey nice to meet you brother!!! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I hope you are doing well and blessed. Hopefully I will get to hear more of your stories and about what God has done for you. I am always excited to hear about the power of God working in believers. Okay, my friend, I will hopefully get to write a little more later. God bless you and talk to you later, Your brother in Christ, Patrick.

How wonderful to read your stories! I would like us to be friends. I too am a Brother in the Lord and have had many experiences with God and the evil ones too. I have cast out demons from homes and people including my youngest daughter and my wife. I saw the one come out of my wife and then Later when studying I found a picture of the demon that I had seen. I don't remember the name of it now but it was a chineese looking spirit with long fu manchu beard and mustache. Evil but not a prince. I had a prince or leader of the demons come to me one evening. I was sitting visiting with some friends on my deck when I sensed a very powerful demon come into the back yard. He stayed there and didn't come closer but I knew he was there. I didn't say anything to the people there because one of them was a woman who was scared of the supernatural. When my friends left I went into the house and knelt down and prayed for my friends and families safety and then got up to go to bed. When I walked into my room I sensed the demon come from the backyard and go under the mobile home where I was standing. He was only about two to three feet away from me under the floor. I knew he was there. Then I heard him tap on the steel I beam under the trailer and it was like he took his finger nail and tapped twice. It was a ping ping sound just like a ball hammer hitting steel. I looked down where the sound came from and said "you just stay out! I don't want you in here" and then I sensed him fly away across town and he left. I had just cast out two of his demons from a home where they were bothering a widow who was raising her grandson by herself. I had also cast out one of those demons who had followed me home and was bothering my daughter. She was 8 years old at the time and did not know about demons or spirits but she knew that something had left her body and flown away. She's 14 now and says she will never forget the feeling of when that spirit left her body. That's for another story anyway. <br />
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Thank you for sharing with us all and may our God and his son Bless you and yours abundantly!<br />
<br />
Have a Great day!

Brother I too have had run inns with demons as a youth. Father protects us. They can't touch us but they do talk a Good game to deceive us. GOD BLESS YOU!