Army Angles Marching In My Room

I am new, and this is my first time sharing my spirit world stories I've been seeing demons and angles since I was a little girl, Its very hard to explain these things sometimes I don't know why these things happen but I know I'm not alone!

One night I was waken up by and evil spirit and he started attacking me in my sleep,he was punching me on my back very hard and aggressively, my body was heavy and stiff I couldn't move or speak, but I can feel and hear and see them. I couldn't remember the scriptures my pastor told me if this happens again to stop them or the words to rebuke them to go away. I laid there calm and start praying to the Lord , I ask him can he bring worriors to fight my battle a split second, ive seen Angles marching ! Coming in my room. Some was tall, some was short and some was even heavy set looking but they all had swords army wear and large wings .. they went around my bed and march towards were the devil was.. I couldnt see the fight or couldnt turn around because my body was too heavy to move, but I knew I was saved by the king of all kings Jesus christ ...

Each and every night and day I see , & hear something different. Iv'e been to high heavenly places, and hear, speak, seen , Angles, demons, other spirits and even the Lord. I don't know who I am as of yet. But I do know that Gods love me and I'm trusting him.
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That is wonderful, but you do know I hope that the blood of Jesus is your only protection against evil spirits. Power in the blood and also the name of Jesus. Rebuke the devil and he will flee from you.

Hello i do not know how this works regarding this site, but i to! have had similar experience's. The lords prayer broke the grip of what i can only explain to be a very negative force! i do not consider myself to be a religious person but serve God best i can, from a spiritual point of view. I was a soldier and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, my hand on heart Angels saved me on several occasions, i frankly should not be here on earth without devine intervention!. Thankyou Angelsxx from a grateful Husband, Father and Grandfather,

I just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on: You can
download the first chapter of her first book
free of charge on I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open

Years ago I would have dreams of being attacked by demons - paralyzed in the dreams - I could not speak or scream for help. But what I did learn was that they could not control my thoughts. So I would think the name 'Jesus' over and over again. The demons hated that and would leave. After several attacks and with my concentration on the name of Jesus, those attacks went away. thank God!!!

God protects all his children :)

What a privilege! God is so loving and amazing and powerful!

Praise God for his protection and for his angels :)

I get attacked when I've sinned or when I've been strong for God...pray for repentance and say that the battle was won at Calvary! Jesus pinned our sins on the cross and the battle against the devil has already been won. You are covered by the beautiful blood of the Lamb.

God bless.

There are times I get attack , sometimes I don't .. If I don't I will see them staring at me .. In the day I will hear choirs singing rejoicing .. I have journals on top of journals about this spirit world I see . At first I want to kill myself and give up, now I learn how to cope with it and keep my trust on The Lord .

Yes, I am praying .. I know someone out here experiencing the same way like me. They are too afraid, to even talk about it or scared what people would say! .. For years & years I called priest and pastors even went to church after church they all laugh at me and thought I was lying or on drugs ! .. after many years went by I found a church and pastor. Sometimes my pastor don't understand either ,but he do believe me and he show me the things I see in the word ! The truth is in the bible

Does this happen every night? If you continue to pray without ceasing, God's love will protect you from whatever evil that's lurking around!

Yes god loves you but you need to be praying all the time ,

I just wanna tell you that you should give me your real name I will help you to know why they vist you okay