My Grandfather, My Angel - True Story!

   First, I want to say thanks to the other EP member who "introduced" this group to me - I had almost forgotten about this experience since it was such a long time ago. 

   When I was 4 years old, I was playing in the sea on my family's favorite beach.  It had been a few months since my grandfather had passed, and I think I was still a little confused about the whole "death" issue.  As I was happily splashing in the water, I caught sight of a nice gentleman smiling at me from a little ways down the beach.  I was very social, and happily waved and smiled back.  He began to slowly walk toward me, and I didn't really pay too much mind; the beach was very busy  that spring day and many people were coming and going.  I remember looking up as I found an entire sand dollar in the sand, and as I was about to turn around to show my parents, that same man caught my eye again.  He was now about 100 yards away, and I knew in a second that the shiny, bald head, dark rimmed glasses, and genuine smile was that of my grandfather.  I again smiled and waved as I was suddenly scooped up my my mom.  I gave a little shout out because she grabbed me so hard.  She hugged me tight and said, "Did you see him?"  I said, "Who, grandpa?"  Just then, my father came running up to us, and said, "I swear I just saw your dad right over there, " and pointed, but no one was there.... 

   My grandfather is my guardian angel.  And, since my father was also taken away too early form me, I believe that he is my daughter's guardian angel.  I just hope that someday we will get to see him again as my daughter frolics in the sea.

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Soooo beautiful! My grandpa is my guardian angel too! Hugs...