Grandpa - My Guardian Angel

I've thought for a long time my Grandpa was looking out for me.  I've never seen him, but I've felt him.

Grandpa was born on the frontier in 1888.  He lived to be 98.  He farmed the family land until he bought his own farm in 1927, surviving the dust bowl and the depression.  He farmed until he was 92.  He had an 8th grade education.

I was raised in a mid size city, but spent much of my youth on the farm, milking cows, hauling hay, fixing fences, etc., side by side with Grandpa.  By the time I was born, he was already an old man.  We were very close.

When I was a teenager, I got into horses in a big way and paid my way through college riding young horses for people.  After graduating college, I didn't want to give it up so for 10 years I lived the cowboy life in the Rockies, working cows, guiding hunters and pack trips on horse back.

Grandpa lived long enough to see me graduate college, but not to see what I did afterwards.  He was really proud of two two things I think.  One that I was a college graduate, and two, what I could do on a horse.  His father was a cowboy on the western plains before an untimely death.  Grandpa always said it was in my blood.

Grandpa as Guardian Angel

During my cowboy days, I rode a lot of young horses in rough country, sometimes doing things at high speeds to get the job done.  In those cirumstances, things happen.

I walked away from three monumental crashes on horse back during those years.  I think it was because of Grandpa.

One time, on the side of a mountain, we were moving a herd of horses to another valley.  The horse I was on reared up, and though I did everything right, we went straight over backwards and rolled down the mountain about 30 feet, the horse rolling over me.  I walked away with a busted big toe.  That's it.  I was back in the saddle later that day.

Another time, a horse I was on spooked in some timber, the horse must have caught some sudden movement from a deer or an elk and didn't know what it was.  The horse went ballistic, bucking through the timber.  We slammed into a tree.  I walked away with bruised ribs, nothing more.  It could have been a whole lot worse.  Again, I think Grandpa was there.

I know guys who blew out their back just stepping off a curb or picking up a box.  Me, I'm healthy and fit, despite the chances I took, and I believe it's more than luck.  I won the Guardian Angel lottery.  I'm grateful for it every day.

My cowboy days are behind me, but I still have horses.  When I'm on a cutting horse loping across the pen to stop a cow, I can feel Grandpa looking out for me, and smiling with approval.



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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

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I enjoyed reading your story very much. Thank you.

Incredible story. Riding a horse at high speeds must be exhilerating. Good thing you have a guardian angel :)