My Angels Saved Me!

I was walking home from school, being the avergae teenager I am listening to my iPod full blast so I couldn't hear anything. I live in a quiet area and there are hardly ever any cars, so at the bend of the road I crossed, but when I looked to the right a car was speeding down at such a dangerous speed, I got so shocked, all I could think about is saying good bye to this world, I couldn't move or breath, all I did was watch the car come down, and just when it was about to hit me, I got thrown forward, falling onto the pavement speechless.

I was complatley un harmed, and when I turned back the car was already gonepast and I heard the motors as my iPod paused to play the next song, and there was no one there at all, no-one that I could see at that moment pushed me....

I never believed in angels, ever, but that changed when I started to see, hear or feel them. Everyone has two, and even if you think you are alone and unloved, you were always loved and your angels have always been there for you...

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on: You can
download the first chapter of her first book
free of charge on I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open.

I am happy for you! <br />
<br />
Come to think of it, even innocent children have gotten kicked like that and died.<br />
You must have been spared for a divine purpose. I think you should pray seriously to find it out and live for that cause you would have died if not that God spared you.<br />
Are you born again? Jesus loves you.