An Angel In The Form Of A Homeless Man

The back story is that my church and I went to a parking lot to start witnessig to people.No one was interested in what we had to say. It was getting late. We were getting weary. So my sister and I decided to go a little further out from the parking lot, more towards a wooded area to find some to talk to before we called it a day. Neither of us were prepared for what we met. I actually wrote about the experience in my journal. I've copied it here:


June 27, 2009

Today we met a man. He was homeless. We went over to where he was to give him a pamphlet. He was with two other people. A man and a woman. Both were sullen if not unresponsive.

His demeanor was bitter, argumentative, unpleasant. I remember I asked him if he wanted us to pray for him and he was like, "No, do you want me to pray for you?" He was very caustic. We argued back and forth for a good 15 minutes.

He then started recounting what a regular day for him was like. He lived in the woods. He had no job because he threw his back out doing construction and wasn't able to take care of himself. He came to the parking lot to pick up some clothes left in boxes outside the thrift store because he refused to steal. He carried a Bible with him in his backpack. He carried it wherever he went. He claimed to be a christian. He was just feeling discouraged because of his situation.

When his other two companions left, he began to recount his life. His brother, Darrell recently passed. He was 48. He had colon cancer and he bled to death. He got really emotional when he talked about this.

It really hurt me to see him like this. I swear, if I had any money with me that day, I would have given him all of it. But I didn't. And it crushed me when he spat back "I'm hungry! I can't eat a pamphlet." I remembered how Jesus said we should feed the hungry instead of preaching to them. That's exactly what I was doing! Preaching instead of feeding. So, it's no wonder I was feeling a plenty defeated. And so was Zoe. Tears were falling down her eyes and she never cries! We felt that bad.

Suddenly his demeanor changed. A complete 180. From bitter and belligerent to calm and peaceful. His eyes became so blue, so clear, so...genuine. Like he was actually letting us in. He then told us we were "beautiful people" and the "world needs us here" and "we're really kind people".  He mentioned alot of things. How we should never let go of Jesus. No matter what. If anything, he started preaching to us!

Zoe thinks he was an angel incarnate. Here's why. When we first asked him if he wanted a pamphlet he answered "No, I want some food. Can you give me that? I can't eat a pamphlet." But when the woman came with a box of food, he only ate a half of one and then offered some to us. Another thing was his eyes. They were sooo blue. The clearest, purest bluest blue you can ever imagine. They were kind, genuine eyes! I already love him. He was a kind nice man. He showed us love. He didn't judge us. He apologized over and over for sounding condemning when we first talked to him.

I'll pray for Mr. Wright. He's awesome.


The end.

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Maybe he was mean at first, to test you, to see if you would give up easily and run off. If it was a test, I think you passed. :)

What a beautiful story, this made my night. thank you. You are so lucky to have had an experience like that one.

i more than loved what you have written. near the end i remembered once hearing that we are spiritual beings having a physical experiences, not physical beings having (trying to have) spiritual experiences. i know it is not the same as your story, but just the wonderful, wonderful thought that you never can know who the angels are until... and even more, the wonderful, wonderful reminder that God is here (thank you for helping me tonight).