I'm not much for believing in anything I can't prove, but a couple decades back I was living alone and had an experience I'm not so quick to dismiss as a hallucination.

I was asleep in my apartment. It was late at night (closer to early in the morning). I had no pets or roommates and was startled awake by the mattress shifting as though someone had sat at the end of my bed. I didn't panic at first as I was groggy and my first thought was that it was my girlfriend (though we had broke up weeks before). When my bleary eyes cleared I realized that a dark, glossy black figure was at the foot of the bed. It had no detail (no visible eyes, hair, mouth) and when it knew it had my attention it flipped onto it's knees and forearms and scurried up the bed beside my torso and toward my face.

I screamed and flailed like a panicked child and I swear my foot made contact with something and I heard a distinct thud as though it had landed on the other side of the room. I hurried out of bed, flicked on the lights, and searched the small apartment for the dark figure with a flashlight as my weapon. I shot back the shower curtain and flung back closet doors. I never saw the thing again and question whether or not it had been real.

My wife and I sometimes laugh about it now. I told her the story and she laughed at my calling them "Ped Xings", but that seems the best description.
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I see black figures like the one you described, i know what you mean its hard to tell if you were just seeing things or if it was real. But considering the number of times ive seen these things, maybe it was.